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PokerScout responds to Bodog poker software update (September 26, 2011)

As some of our readers have become aware, Bodog recently updated their poker software to hide full tables in the lobby. Bodog allegedly did this to protect casual players from the more knowledgeable winning players. However, it has become apparent that a major objective was actually to prevent PokerScout from tracking Bodog's traffic.

Since the update, Bodog has been publishing disinformation and increasingly frantic attacks against PokerScout, mainly through its mouthpiece CalvinAyre website. However, PokerScout prefers to take the high road. Here are the issues that are relevant to our readers and partners throughout the industry.

  • PokerScout's operation is largely unaffected by this move. Since launching in early 2006, PokerScout has forged its reputation by providing complete, unbiased data on the entire online poker market, and we will continue to do so. We are still listing traffic for all known poker sites and networks.

  • Our current traffic readings for Bodog are projections based on a combination of available data and known traffic patterns. While this data is more volatile than before, we believe it to be accurate on average. If it becomes necessary, we will simply publish estimates of Bodog's traffic as we do for some other untracked sites.

  • Bodog asked to be completely removed from the PokerScout website shortly after Black Friday. This caused a dilemma, because we try to keep a cordial relationship with all online poker operators, but in the end we had no choice but to deny their request. Our duty to our readers to provide neutral and complete coverage of the market necessarily took precedence over the wishes of a single operator.

  • No operator other than Bodog has asked to be removed from our traffic rankings.

  • Despite Bodog's assertions, PokerScout does not give any advantage to some players at the expense of others. Unlike some other websites, we do not track or publish individual player statistics. Many of our readers treat PokerScout as an industry scorecard, showing where the sites rank relative to each other and who is outperforming whom. Other readers drill down into more detail to see what games and limits are popular at the various sites. The data is available freely to everyone, and none of it gives any particular advantage to winning players. Bodog is the only operator to suggest that it does.

  • We continue to maintain close, cooperative relationships with many online poker sites. Some 19 operators, from major companies like PartyGaming and Playtech down to the smallest providers, voluntarily provide us data to improve our tracking of their site traffic. This includes both US-facing and non-US operators. These companies clearly have no problem with PokerScout. In fact, executives throughout the industry have repeatedly expressed enthusiasm and gratitude for the service we provide.

PokerScout is proud to continue offering our services to the online poker world. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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