GGPoker Heats Up in June with Giant $200K Hold’em Festival

Asia’s biggest poker network is loading up another huge promotion with over $200,000 in prizes set to be doled out in June.

The GGPoker $200K Hold’em Festival will run all of June with leaderboard prizes for four different levels of stakes.

Once again players will benefit from point multipliers on Saturday and Sunday, which gives the weekend warriors a fighting chance.

GGPoker will also have a high-stakes featured table tier where blinds range from $25/$50 all the way up to $100/$200, which should create some extra fireworks on the site.

Players who take part in said feature table games will receive 50 percent more points during the month of June.

Featured, High, Middle and Low stakes return

GGPoker will once again be utilizing the Featured, High, Middle, and Low stakes for June’s Hold’em festival.

The festival comes hot off the heels of the $200K PLO Festival that’s currently running for the rest of May.

Points for the Hold’em festival will be tabulated at the end of June with prizes being handed out for top players in the four different leaderboards. For instance, the points generated at the high tables will not count towards the low leaderboard and vice versa.

Players earn 1 point for every $.01 of rake generated at Hold’em cash game tables.

Here’s how the prizes will be allotted:

  • Low: Top 50 players receive their share of $20,000
  • Middle: Top 50 players receive their share of $60,000
  • High: Top 30 players receive their share of $90,000
  • Featured: Top five players receive share of $30,000

GGPoker will also be running frequent point multipliers for certain days of the month. The multipliers range from 1.5X all the way up to 3X for the last Saturday of June.

Be sure to check the GGPoker June Hold’em Festival calendar to get an idea of the best times to play.

GGPoker introduces action-packed Three-Blind Hold’em

The $200k Hold’em Festival is just one of the many reasons to play on GGPoker in the month of June.

GGPoker is also launching a brand-new Hold’em variant called Three-Blind Hold’em to ratchet up the action.

As you might expect, Three-Blind Hold’em adds yet another blind after the big blind, which cranks each hand’s mandatory bet from 1.5 big blinds to 3.5 big blinds.

Action junkies will love the format as players are incentivized to play more hands so they don’t get blinded down.

Three-Blind Hold’em tables also feature antes so it will be difficult for anyone to hide for very long. Players can expect to see a lot more flops and more consistent multi-way action.

New players looking to try Three-Blind Hold’em will be happy to note that games played in the variant count towards the June $200k Hold’em Festival leaderboard.

Three-Blind Hold’em goes live on GGPoker on May 28th so players will get a few days to try it out before the June Hold’em Festival begins.

Even More Gamble in All-in or Fold Sit & Go’s

It may not count towards the June Hold’em Festival but GGPoker also launched All-in or Fold Sit & Go’s for players who enjoy a little more gamble in their poker.

As with most all-in variants players are simply given two choices on each hand: Fold or go all-in. No calling allowed.

Regardless of how you play, it’s going to be a big summer on the burgeoning GGPoker network.