More Money Heading to Partypoker Players As Cashback and Magic Cards Promotions Extended

Partypoker recently announced some extra opportunities at cashback for the site’s players. The Boosted Cashback and Magic Cards promotions have now been extended to July 18.

The features allow players to win cashback and other special prizes. The extension comes after more than 14,000 players scored additional prizes as part of the promotions.

That includes some serious cashback. More than 12,000 players who wouldn’t normally receive payments have earned 10% extra cashback since the promotion began.

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Details of partypoker’s Boosted Cashback

The recent launch of Boosted Cashback has been popular with cash game players. Players earn 10% extra for every 0.1 cashback point earned. 

Two players have even earned more than $1,000 extra as a result. More than 250 players have received $100 or more and another 560 players have received at least $50

In June, partypoker enhanced Boosted Cashback to make the offer even more lucrative for players.  All players need to do is earn 0.1 cashback point or more in a day on any game type.

Partypoker then pays 10% extra cashback on all of their cash game and fastforward rake.

Players would usually be required to earn 25 cashback points to earn 20% cashback. Because of the enhancements, thousands of players who don’t usually earn cashback now qualify.

Players earn one point for every $1 in rake they generate from cash games and fastforward games. They also earn 0.1 points for every $0.10 in rake they generate. 

“It’s great partypoker realizes every player is an important player,” Team partypoker’s Patrick Leonard said in a news release. “Whether you play once a week, three days a week, or five days a week, we value everyone, so everyone who rakes just $0.10 in a day can now enjoy Boosted Cashback.”

Magic Cards also extended

Partypoker has also extended the Magic Cards promotion to July 18. The site announced recently that the maximum cash prize would be increased from $500 to $1,000.

Magic Cards allow players to go on a poker journey and earn daily picks. Players can use their daily pick to choose one of four cards, which reveal instant prizes including:

  • cash
  • tournament tickets
  • Bonuses
  • freeroll entries

Cash game and fastforward players can currently earn up to five picks per day. They also earn an extra pick for every cashback point they earn from those games. 

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