Partypoker Offering MILLIONS Online Tickets Into Major Events for Players of All Bankrolls

With Partypoker’s MILLIONS Online now underway, players of all bankrolls can get in the action. The site is offering numerous ways to win seats into several of the series’ biggest events.

The series runs through March 9 with the $5,300 Main Event on Feb. 21 featuring a $5 million guarantee. The same day, a mega satellite also guarantees 50 seats for entry into feed into Day 1A.

Another mega satellite with 50 more seats guaranteed runs Feb. 28, feeding into Day 1B on the same day.

“The partypoker satellite system is amazing,” Team partypoker’s Louise Butler said in a news release. “As a low- and mid-stakes grinder, I’m really excited to play them and try to win my way into some exciting bigger buy-in events.”

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Plenty of Main Event opportunities at partypoker

Partypoker has worked to include players of all levels in major series in recent years. That has included some major success stories in some of its recent series with satellite opportunities beginning at just $0.01.

For the Main Event, these “centrolls” feed into the $5.50 Phase 1 qualifiers. Those are followed by $55 Phase 2 events and culminate with the $530 Sunday final.

Several players have already scored Main Event tickets via this route. Christian Galvan progressed through these stages before finishing off the Sunday final to earn a Main Event seat.

In another Sunday final, Emanuel Botoc, Leonard Modder, and Jeffrey Mulder all managed to qualify. These players earned their spots through $5.50 satellites. Douglas Ferreira makes his way into the Main Event after buying into a $55 satellite.

More qualifying chances in big buy-in events

Players have numerous qualifying chances beyond just the Main Event. The centroll action continues for other events as well.

The $25,500 Super High Rollers come with a $1 million prize pool guarantee per event. On Feb. 22, players can win four seats feeding into the Six-Max Super High Roller on Feb. 23. Three more seats are up for grabs on March 1.

The $25,000 Seven-Max Super High Roller with a $1 million guarantee then runs March 2. These satellites have no direct buy-in for the final, meaning the maximum a player can pay to win a seat is $265.

In the $10,300 High Roller, players will also find a $1 million guarantee with the two-day event running March 7. A mega satellite awards 20 seats on the same day.

Players can even earn a bargain entry in the $102,000 Mega High Roller with a $3 million guarantee. Five seats are on the line when Day 1 kicks off on March 8.

There is no direct buy-in to the satellite final for this event. The maximum a player will spend to win a seat into the daily Phase 2 qualifiers is $1,050. Here’s a ook at the complete series schedule.

Partypoker MILLIONS Online 2021

DateEventBuy-InTournamentGuaranteeDayFormatNumber of days
Feb. 13#01$1,100Mini Main Event$1,000,000Day 1A8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 14#01$1,100Mini Main Event-Day 1B8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 15#01-Mini Main Event-Day 28-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 15#02$530Mini Second Chance$50,000-8-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 16#01-Mini Main Event-Day 38-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 16#03$10,3006-Max High Roller$500,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 16#04$5,2006-Max High Roller Turbo$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 17#01-Mini Main Event-Final Table8-Max-
Feb. 17#05$1,6006-Max Knockout$250,000Day 16-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 18#06$3,200Omaha High Roller$150,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 19#07$1,050Opener$500,000Day 1A6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 20#07$1,050Opener-Day 1B6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#07$1,050Opener-Day 1C6-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#07-Opener-Day 26-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 21#08$5,300Main Event$5,000,000Day 1A8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 21#09$2,100High Roller Turbo$100,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 22#10$2,100Omaha$200,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 23#11$25,5006-Max Super High Roller$1,000,000Day 16-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 23#12$5,2006-Max High Roller Turbo$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 24#13$1,600Knockout$250,000Day 18-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 25#14$3,2006-Max$300,000Day 16-Max[2-Day Event]
Feb. 25#15$5,200Omaha High Roller$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
Feb. 26#16$1,050Warm Up$500,000Day 1A8-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 27#16$1,050Warm Up-Day 1B8-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#16$1,050Warm Up-Day 1C7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#16-Warm Up-Day 28-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
Feb. 28#08$5,300Main Event-Day 1B8-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
Feb. 28#17$2,100High Roller Turbo$100,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 1#08-Main Event-Day 28-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
March 1#18$2,600Second Chance$250,000Day 18-Max[2-Day Event]
March 2#08-Main Event-Day 38-Max[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
March 2#19$2,100Omaha Knockout$200,000Day 16-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 2#20$25,500Super High Roller$1,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 2#21$5,200High Roller Turbo$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 3#08-Main Event-Final Table8-Max-
March 3#22$1,600Turbo Knockout$200,000-7-Max PKO[1-Day Event]
March 4#23$3,200Mix-Max$300,000Day 1Mix-Max[2-Day Event]
March 4#24$5,2006-Max Omaha High Roller$200,000-6-Max[1-Day Event]
March 5#25$1,050Closer$500,000Day 1A7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 6#25$1,050Closer-Day 1B7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#25$1,050Closer-Day 1C7-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#25-Closer-Day 27-Max PKO[2-Day Event]
March 7#26$10,300High Roller$1,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 7#27$5,200High Roller Turbo$200,000-7-Max[1-Day Event]
March 8#28$102,000Mega High Roller$3,000,000Day 17-Max[2-Day Event]
March 9#28$102,000Mega High Roller-Final Table7-Max-

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