Always Wanted a New Screenname? Partypoker Players Will Get Their Wish

Normally, a poker site’s software update would not merit mention. However, an update on the partypoker dotcom client will mandate that all players change their screennames.

The change will take place at 9:00 a.m. British Summer Time, or 10:00 a.m. Central European Time, on June 17. Players logged into the partypoker client will see a pop-up window that will prompt them to select a new name.

Names will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. As with any screenname, players may not use inappropriate words or phrases as part of the name.

Like any other occasion, Partypoker will celebrate the name changes

The shock of losing a screenname might be disconcerting to some players. After all, some base their entire online persona around the exact screenname’s phrasing.

So, to cushion the blow and celebrate new beginnings, partypoker is hosting the “Race to Alias” giveaway. This giveaway, open to all players except those in Sweden and the Czech Republic, will see the dispensing of more than $500,000 in various cash prizes.

partypoker will spread the giveaways across three different avenues. So, players may receive cash prizes for a variety of different actions onsite.

First, partypoker will award “Login Click Cards” to players choosing their new alias. These cards will randomly dole out up to $10,000 to each individual player as the day goes on.

Additionally, partypoker will also be giving out “Hourly Click Cards” to any player that earns at least .1 loyalty points per hour. In giving away these cards, partypoker will, in sum, award $10,000 to $40,000 in prizes to players.

Finally, the site will host several “10K Freerolls” for players who earn entries through either the Login or Hourly Cards. As stated earlier, partypoker plans to give out more than $500,000 in prizes over the course of the single day.

Czech players, don’t despair – partypoker will host a dedicated $25,000 giveaway for changing your alias. Swedish players, unfortunately, may just be out of luck.

The update goes beyond a name change

Obviously, a poker site does not require its players to choose names again on a whim. This update is part of the site’s ongoing initiative to improve performance and security site-wide.

“This client update is one of a number of initiatives that we are working on in order to provide players with a safe environment where they can play online poker,” said partypoker managing director Tom Waters.

One of the major areas of change so far is around the hand replayer. Partypoker has redesigned the device to run smoother and with a better set of controls.

Additionally, partypoker is making the client dashboard simpler and easier to navigate. So, expect any clunky aspects of the interface to receive attention during the update.

These elements are merely the pieces that are known so far. Look for more developments and adjustments to occur in the coming months.