PokerStars CardHunt Could Put Five Grand In Your Pocket Today

How does an extra $5,000 sound? For most people, that sounds pretty good. As it happens, PokerStars NJ is offering players a chance to put that amount in their pockets each day with CardHunt.

CardHunt is exactly what its name implies. It’s a daily scavenger hunt that requires players to collect certain cards each day.

How to play PokerStars CardHunt

Each morning, PokerStars will send players a new puzzle board in their Challenge Window. Each board will have 16 – 20 cards listed on it.

Players will then attempt to collect their cards by playing Hold’em cash games. A card is collected when the player wins a hand with that card as one of their pocket cards.

So, let’s say that the king of diamonds is one of Paul Pokerplayer’s cards on his puzzle board. Paul gets dealt pocket kings, and the king of diamonds is one of his cards.

If he manages to win the hand, he will scratch the king of diamonds off his puzzle board. However, should he lose the hand, Paul will have to find the king of diamonds again.

If a player happens to pick up pocket cards that are both on his or her list, that’s no problem. Win that hand, and the player will be credited for collecting both list items in one fell swoop.

Collect all the list items, and the player is guaranteed a cash prize. PokerStars will randomly determine the prize amounts for each card.

Best of all, there’s no playthrough requirement for CardHunt. The money is yours to keep from the moment it hits your account.

The fine print

However, it is necessary to opt into the promotion each day to receive that day’s card. Cards reset at 11:59 p.m. Eastern each day.

Make sure to play games with blinds $0.05/$0.10 or higher. Any play below that level or using play money will not be eligible for CardHunt.

Players must also make sure to play full ring or 6-max games. Heads-up play does not qualify for the redemption of cards on puzzle boards.

This promotion is active right now – there’s no reason to wait. It will be available until July 14.

How Global Poker Grand Slam Could Be Your Ticket To The All-Star Game

Baseball is America’s pastime. Global Poker is one of the most widely available online poker sites in the US. So, it makes sense that Global Poker is sending players on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the MLB All-Star Game in the Global Poker Grand Slam Tournament.

The Grand Slam Tournament is a feeder series that will put you in the running for a terrific prize package. The series is winding down, but there is still a full weekend of great opportunities ahead of us.

How to participate in the Global Poker Grand Slam Tournament

Here’s how it works.

Players can compete in one of the tournaments specific to the promotion. For every tournament they enter, Global Poker will award an entry into the Tournament Series draw.

This draw will award 3 prize packages to the 2019 MLB All-Star Game weekend. Each package contains the following:

  • Tickets to the four main events at Progressive Field in Cleveland
    • All-Star Celebrity Softball Game – July 7
    • All-Star Futures Game (minor league players) – July 7
    • Home Run Derby – July 8
    • All-Star Game – July 9
  • Three nights’ accommodation for the nights of July 7 – 9
    • Check-in on July 7
    • Check-out on July 10

Bear in mind, there are numerous other attractions during All-Star weekend. The package will also give winners the ability to take part in concerts, commemorative events, and the interactive experience known as Play Ball Park.

As is often the case with Global Poker, there are opportunities to play using either one of their currencies. There are tournaments for both Gold Coins and $weeps Cash.

At present, there are 11 tournaments remaining to play – 6 for $weeps Cash and 5 for Gold Coins. Each tournament will award an entry to the draw to each participant.

Of course, these tournaments are still bona fide tournaments, too. In fact, each one carries a very tasty guarantee, too.

Here’s the schedule for the remaining tournaments:

$weeps Cash

TournamentDateTime (All times Eastern)Buy-in
Grand Slam 11: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [2x-Chance, Turbo, 6-Max]June 209:30 PMSC$5.50
Grand Slam 12: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [Turbo]June 219:30 PMSC$5.50
Grand Slam 13: NLHE $2,000 Guaranteed [Deep, 6-Max]June 226:00 PMSC$5.50
Grand Slam 14: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [2R1A, Turbo, 6-Max]June 229:30 PMSC$3.30
Grand Slam 15: Main Event NLHE $10,000 Guaranteed [Deep]June 236:00 PMSC$22
Grand Slam 16: NLHE $2,500 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo]June 239:30 PMSC$3.30

Gold Coins

TournamentDateTime (all times Eastern)Buy-in
Grand Slam 10: NLHE GC 1,500,000 Guaranteed [2x-Chance, Turbo, 6-Max]June 209:30 PMGC22,000
Grand Slam 11: NLHE GC 1,500,000 Guaranteed [Turbo]June 219:30 PMGC22,000
Grand Slam 12: NLHE GC 1,500,000 Guaranteed [2R1A, Turbo, 6-Max]June 229:30 PMGC11,000
Grand Slam 13: Main Event NLHE GC 4,000,000 Guaranteed [Deep]June 236:00 PMGC55,000
Grand Slam 14: NLHE GC 1,500,000 Guaranteed [1R1A, Turbo]June 239:30 PMGC11,000

Other ways to qualify for the Tournament Series draw

There is also another way to throw one’s hat in the ring for one of the All-Star Game packages. In fact, players just have to play in ring games to earn an entry into the Tournament Series draw.

Players must only play 1,500 hands before the end of the promotion on July 23. Hands in both currencies qualify.

So, if it wasn’t clear before, it is possible to win an entry into the prize drawing for Gold Coins only. Even if a player has lost all their $weeps Cash at one time or another, they can still play for a chance to see the best in Major League Baseball.

In short, for baseball fans, Global Poker is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s not too late to qualify, so don’t miss out this weekend!

Global Poker Rattlesnake Open II Featured A Texas Two-Step

Global Poker recently crowned the winner of its Global Poker Rattlesnake Open II Tournament of Champions. Texas native Fernando Guerra won the tournament in grand style during the first week of June.

Guerra, who goes by the hilarious online moniker “KanyeTrump2020,” took home the grand prize from the tournament series. Namely, Guerra received $5000 that he may use to represent Global Poker in a live tournament of his choice.

Guerra punched his ticket to the Tournament of Champions by winning the very last tournament of the series. He took home the trophy for the $C$4,500 Guaranteed, then set his sights on the big dance.

“It was a fun tournament,” Guerra said, in a press release. “I’ve been playing a lot of tournaments, trying to win one of those trophies, or at least place in the top two. I feel super blessed and lucky!”

He went on to say that things just went his way in the Tournament of Champions.

“I was on fire the whole tournament. I threw in some skill, but you can’t win without luck too.”

Whatever mixture of luck and skill Guerra used, it worked. Guerra plowed through the ToC field in about four hours.

He has not identified which tournament he will use to redeem the prize. However, one would think that Guerra would be a heavy favorite to go deep in that contest, too.

Global Poker one of few options in Texas

The win is a bright spot for Texas poker players. The traditional home of hold’em has surprisingly few stories of homegrown poker success in recent years.

For one thing, there are precious few opportunities for online poker players in the Lone Star State. Guerra spoke highly of Global Poker as one of the few places he can play.

“I just love Global Poker,” he said. “It’s the only place I play right now.”

Texas simply is not friendly to gambling, online or otherwise. Global Poker is about the only safe option instate; the rest are offshore sites that operate in the grey market.

To illustrate, consider the fact that numerous private poker clubs have popped up in Texas. These clubs attempt to contort their business practices in order to stay within the narrow exceptions given in Texas state gambling law.

So far, the Texas attorney general has declined any sort of action on the state level. However, that hasn’t stopped local law enforcement from cracking down.

Just last month, officers shut down two Houston clubs and charged the room owners with money laundering and organized crime – both felonies. So, it’s no surprise that Guerra has stuck to Global Poker.

At this point, it’s really the only safe bet in the great state of Texas.

Always Wanted a New Screenname? Partypoker Players Will Get Their Wish

Normally, a poker site’s software update would not merit mention. However, an update on the partypoker dotcom client will mandate that all players change their screennames.

The change will take place at 9:00 a.m. British Summer Time, or 10:00 a.m. Central European Time, on June 17. Players logged into the partypoker client will see a pop-up window that will prompt them to select a new name.

Names will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. As with any screenname, players may not use inappropriate words or phrases as part of the name.

Like any other occasion, Partypoker will celebrate the name changes

The shock of losing a screenname might be disconcerting to some players. After all, some base their entire online persona around the exact screenname’s phrasing.

So, to cushion the blow and celebrate new beginnings, partypoker is hosting the “Race to Alias” giveaway. This giveaway, open to all players except those in Sweden and the Czech Republic, will see the dispensing of more than $500,000 in various cash prizes.

partypoker will spread the giveaways across three different avenues. So, players may receive cash prizes for a variety of different actions onsite.

First, partypoker will award “Login Click Cards” to players choosing their new alias. These cards will randomly dole out up to $10,000 to each individual player as the day goes on.

Additionally, partypoker will also be giving out “Hourly Click Cards” to any player that earns at least .1 loyalty points per hour. In giving away these cards, partypoker will, in sum, award $10,000 to $40,000 in prizes to players.

Finally, the site will host several “10K Freerolls” for players who earn entries through either the Login or Hourly Cards. As stated earlier, partypoker plans to give out more than $500,000 in prizes over the course of the single day.

Czech players, don’t despair – partypoker will host a dedicated $25,000 giveaway for changing your alias. Swedish players, unfortunately, may just be out of luck.

The update goes beyond a name change

Obviously, a poker site does not require its players to choose names again on a whim. This update is part of the site’s ongoing initiative to improve performance and security site-wide.

“This client update is one of a number of initiatives that we are working on in order to provide players with a safe environment where they can play online poker,” said partypoker managing director Tom Waters.

One of the major areas of change so far is around the hand replayer. Partypoker has redesigned the device to run smoother and with a better set of controls.

Additionally, partypoker is making the client dashboard simpler and easier to navigate. So, expect any clunky aspects of the interface to receive attention during the update.

These elements are merely the pieces that are known so far. Look for more developments and adjustments to occur in the coming months.

NJSCOOP Reaching A Fever Pitch This Weekend

PokerStars NJ‘s New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) has been running for almost two weeks. Things are building to a fever pitch this weekend, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in guarantees on the line.

NJSCOOP is one of PokerStars’ premier events. The annual series promises more than $1 million in guaranteed prizepools and buy-ins for every bankroll level.

Much like a stack of pancakes, the last part of NJSCOOP is going to be the best. The buttery, syrup-laden center, if you will, includes the two main events and tournaments for every major type of poker game.

Here’s a list of all the remaining events:

Event #ClassificationTournament NameJanuary 12, 1900TimeGame TypeBuy-inGuarantee
32HighBigStack TurboMay 17, 20198 PMNLHE$15012,000
32LowBigStack TurboMay 17, 20198 PMNLHE$15$3,500
33HighFinal Weekend KickoffMay 18, 20196 PMNLHE$200$17,500
33LowFinal Weekend KickoffMay 18, 20196 PMNLHE$20$7,500
34HighStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]May 18, 20197 PMStud8$200$5,000
34LowStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]May 18, 20197 PMStud8$20$1,500
35HighNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]May 18, 20199 PMNLHE$50$7,500
35LowNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]May 18, 20199 PMNLHE$5$2,000
36HighMixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive KO]May 19, 20192:30 PMMixed NLH/PLO$200$14,000
36LowMixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive KO]May 19, 20192:30 PMMixed NLH/PLO$20$4,000
37HighMain Event, 2-Day EventMay 19, 20195 PMNLHE$500$130,000
37LowMain Event, 2-Day EventMay 19, 20195 PMNLHE$50$40,000
38HighPL Omaha [6-Max]May 19, 20198 PMPLO$150$12,500
38LowPL Omaha [6-Max]May 19, 20198 PMPLO$15$2,000
39HighSunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-TurboMay 19, 201910 PMNLHE$100$10,000
39LowHyper-TurboMay 19, 201910 PMNLHE$10$2,500
40HighNightly Stars - NJSCOOP Wrap-UpMay 20, 20197 PMNLHE$100$18,000
40LowNJSCOOP Wrap-UpMay 20, 20197 PMNLHE$10$5,000
41HighWrap-up - Deep, Hyper-TurboMay 20, 20199 PMNLHE$150$12,500
41LowWrap-up - Deep, Hyper-TurboMay 20, 20199 PMNLHE$15$4,000
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The NJSCOOP Main Events

NJSCOOP has a unique two-tiered system of tournaments to allow play from every level of poker player. So, each event is a pair of tournaments that are designated High and Low.

NJSCOOP’s Main Event is no different. There are two awesome tournaments that bear the name of the top tournament in this series.

The High event is a whopper. The $500 buy-in event will run on Sunday, May 19 at 5:00 p.m. There is a mouth-watering $130,000 guaranteed prizepool with the primo tournament.

For those on a budget, the Low main event only costs $50 to enter. However, players who choose to throw their hats in the ring will compete for at least $40,000. The Low tournament will kick at the same time as the High – 5 p.m. on Sunday.

The other NLHE NJSCOOP events remaining

For those looking for something smaller or a supplement to the main events, there are plenty of other no-limit hold’em events available.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the remaining tournaments is the aptly-named Final Weekend Kickoff. This pair of contests will get things started on the last Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The High event for the kickoff is a $200 buy-in collision. There will be $17,500 guaranteed in the prizepool, ensuring that there’s plenty to smile about.

The Low event will run concurrently with a scant $20 buy-in. Still, players will be able to compete for $7,500 in this tournament – not too shabby for such a cheap entry fee.

There is also the NJSCOOP Wrap-up that should send everyone out with a smile on their faces. The High and Low iterations of this event are $100 and $10 to enter, respectively. However, they have extremely appealing guarantees, with the High drawing $18,000 and the Low $5,000.

The other other NJSCOOP events remaining

If no-limit hold’em is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are still opportunities for players with other games in mind.

The next most popular game after hold’em is likely pot-limit Omaha. So, it figures that any tournament series worth its salt would have some great Omaha events.

NJSCOOP doesn’t disappoint, even on the final weekend. There are a pair of PLO tournaments that will run at the same time on Sunday, May 19, at 8:00 p.m.

The two tournaments come with buy-ins of $150 and $15. The High event will have $12,500 as a guaranteed prizepool, and the Low will carry $2,000. Since Omaha players tend to be a more specialized group, this pair of contests should have certain PokerStars patrons licking their chops.

There is also a mixed event a few hours earlier on that same day. The progressive KO tournaments will require entry fees of $200 or $20. Each tournament will have quite a healthy guarantee, with $14,000 and $4,000, respectively.

Finally, there is also a Stud Hi/Lo event yet to be played. While this game is a bit more esoteric, the combined guarantees of $6,500 are as mainstream as they come.

So, if you were concerned about missing the NJSCOOP this year, never fear – there’s still time. Make sure to check out all the great action this year.

Three Things To Notice About The Schedule For WSOP Europe

While the countdown to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) itself is winding down, tournament officials across the pond are getting their ducks in a row. WSOP Europe has finalized its schedule for October and November, and three things stuck out about the upcoming series.

First, here’s the full series:

DateEvent #Event NameBuy-in (in Euros)Guaranteed Prizepool (in Euros)
October 13, 20191The Opener No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A350220,000
October 14, 20191The Opener No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B350220,000
October 15, 20192Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) - Flight A550100,000
October 16, 20193Mini Main Event No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A1,350500,000
October 16, 20192Pot-Limit Omaha (8-Handed) - Flight B550100,000
October 17, 20193Mini Main Event No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B1,350500,000
October 17, 20194Turbo Bounty Hunter No-Limit Hold'em1,100200,000
October 18, 20193Mini Main Event No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C1,350500,000
October 19, 20195Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold'em Mix1,650200,000
October 20, 20196Platinum High Roller No-Limit Hold'em25,5001,000,000
October 23, 20198Diamond High Roller No-Limit Hold'em100,0005,000,000
October 23, 20197Pot-Limit Omaha2,200200,000
October 25, 20199Main Event No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A10,3505,000,000
October 26, 20199Main Event No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B10,3505,000,000
October 28, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight A5501,000,000
October 29, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight B5501,000,000
October 30, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight C5501,000,000
October 31, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight D5501,000,000
October 31, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight E5501,000,000
November 1, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight F5501,000,000
November 1, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight G5501,000,000
November 2, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight H5501,000,000
November 2, 201910Colossus No-Limit Hold'em - Flight I5501,000,000

There’s something for everyone

For a tournament series with only ten events, there is quite a bit of diversity in both game selection and buy-in. Even players on a tight budget can take a shot at winning a bracelet.

In fact, buy-ins for WSOP Europe begin at €350. From there, the cost to enter a tournament scales upward – all the way to a whopping €100,000.

However, no matter the buy-in level, every tournament guarantees a six-digit prizepool. Even the smallest WSOP Europe tournaments are a big deal.

There will also be three pot-limit Omaha tournaments available in October.  Two of these tournaments are pure PLO, and one of them features a round of each game.

Two high roller events round out the slate of tournaments. The big mama of these, the Diamond High Roller, requires €100,000 for each seat.

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The Main Event may not be as big as the Colossus

The Main Event at the American version of the WSOP is certainly the marquee event for the series. However, based upon the schedule, it’s not clear that the European counterpart shares that view.

There’s no doubt that the WSOP Europe Main Event is a doozy. The tournament features a €10,350 buy-in and a whopping €5,000,000 buy-in.

However, it’s hard to ignore the Main Event’s status as a warm-up act to the Colossus. The Colossus, a transplant from the American series, features an incredible nine opening flights.

These nine flights are spread across eight days. As a result, some players will wait more than a week (and into the following month) to play out the rest of the tournament.

The Colossus is also accessibly priced at €550. Anyone, more or less, can play.

In that, the Colossus is supplanting the Main Event as the great equalizer across the pond.

WSOP Europe may have found a home in Rozvadov

For the third year in a row, WSOP Europe will occur at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Tournament officials will host the event beginning on October 19 and finishing on November 5.

The return of the WSOP brand to Rozvadov cements the King’s Casino as one of the premier poker destinations in Europe. Its central location, near the German border between Prague and Munich, allows players to take easy trips from the entire continent.

“We are eager to return to King’s Resort in October for the 11th edition of WSOP Europe,” said WSOP Director Gregory Chochon, in a press release. “King’s Resort has become the center of the poker world in Europe and they are once again bolstering this series with €14 million plus in guarantees to ensure players find plenty of value and opportunity.”

Having a consistent location will also help to secure WSOP Europe’s place in the European poker scene. A permanent home for the Series will (hopefully) result in more players and bigger prizepools.

If you are planning a trip to play or watch the WSOP Europe, check either the WSOP site or the King’s Casino site for information. It’s definitely going to be a sight to see.

4 Ways You Can Celebrate PokerStars’ 200 Billionth Hand

Online poker giant PokerStars is about to deal its 200 billionth hand of poker. To commemorate the occasion, Stars is offering four different ways for players to celebrate with them.

200 billion is almost too big a number to comprehend. To give some context, the Milky Way galaxy contains roughly 250 billion stars, including our sun.

So, to have dealt that many hands of poker is quite the achievement. Here are the four ways that PokerStars is marking the occasion.

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PokerStars’ 200 billionth hand itself

Naturally, players who sit for Hand #200,000,000,000 are going to be handsomely rewarded. So, because a round number deserves another round number, each player seated for the milestone hand will receive $10,000.

It does not matter the outcome of the hand. Even players who fold preflop will still receive their five-digit bonus.

Needless to say, players should keep an eye on their hand counters. The lucky hand is not one anyone wants to miss.

Cash Game Surprises

However, there’s not just one lucky hand at PokerStars. In fact, during select hours between now and April 30, there will be one lucky hand per hour.

All players must do is play at a table between 7:00 p.m. and midnight Eastern. At some point during each hour, Stars will drop a reward chest onto a random active table.

The chest will contain a reward worth 20 times the big blind at that table. So, some players will find themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars richer instantly.

There is no opt-in for this promotion. Players must simply be seated during that time.

The one caveat is that heads-up tables are not eligible for the drops. So, consider your game selection if you want to remain active in the promotion.

Milestone tournaments

If cash games aren’t your thing, don’t worry. PokerStars is doing random drops in various tournaments, too.

During select tournaments, Stars will randomly select a table to receive a free tournament ticket. Each player at that table will receive a tournament ticket of equal value to the buy-in of that tournament.

So, for instance, a player in the Sunday Special could potentially receive a $200 tournament ticket. Effectively, players are getting a BOGO deal for the tournament they’re playing.

The milestone tournaments in which these drops will occur are:

  • Sunday tournaments
    • $10 Sunday Storm
    • $200 Sunday Special
    • $75 Sunday Supersonic
  • Daily tournaments
    • The Big $20
    • $5 KO Fever
    • The Hot $20

Daily Rewards

Finally, if playing is not your thing, you can still benefit from the celebration. PokerStars is giving away thousands of dollars every day through random pop-up rewards.

The only requirement is that you must play a single hand of poker at some point between now and May 1. That’s it – there’s no other requirement.

In response, you will be eligible to receive a rewards chest worth up to $2,000 in your account – instantly. Potentially, you could win a chest each day of the promotion, so make sure to log in at least once a day during the next couple of weeks.

In addition, the very first chest you win will come with an added bonus. There will be a ticket to a special $10,000 Mega Freeroll inside.

The Mega Freeroll will run on May 1 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The only people between you and a share of $10,000 will be other chest recipients.

So, PokerStars is celebrating 200 billion hands in grand style. Make sure you check it out – money might just appear in front of you.

Three Ways To Qualify For PokerStars’ Final Big Game

The annual showcase of buzzer beaters and upsets, March Madness, is drawing to a close. In recognition, PokerStars NJ is offering a chance at a $50k guaranteed prizepool in the Final Big Game tournament.

This tournament will run on April 7 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. It will be a no-limit hold’em freezeout with a $50 buy-in.

Compared to some of PokerStars’ other tournaments, a $50,000 guarantee might seem a bit ho-hum. However, the winner of this tournament might be looking at a five-digit score.

It’s easy to get a ticket for the Final Big Game

One of the best parts about the Final Big Game is how accessible it is. Players can receive tickets for almost nothing – literally.

The first and most obvious way to receive a ticket is to deposit with the proper promotional code. Simply deposit $250 or more and use promo code FINAL to receive a $50 ticket to the Final Big Game – completely free. This code will be valid and active all the way through late registration for the tournament.

If that avenue isn’t appealing, then players can also acquire a ticket through a sports betting deposit. All they must do is wager $500 on basketball games of any type before the NCAA final game begins, and a free ticket will be on its way.

If both options remain unpalatable, a player can possibly win a ticket for free. They simply must play in the Final Big Game Depositors Freeroll.

To enter, a player must deposit $10 or more and use promotional code FREEROLL. The freeroll, which will run two hours before the actual tournament, will award 40 free seats to the tournament.

Finally, there are lower-cost satellites running to allow players into the tournament. So, there are a multitude of ways to punch one’s ticket to the Final Big Game.

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Sundays are special on PokerStars NJ

If the Final Big Game is not appealing, there are plenty of other options. Sundays on PokerStars are very special, with a group of excellent tournaments called the Sunday Majors.

All five of them are no-limit hold’em events. Each comes with a guaranteed prizepool and enough money to brighten any weekend. They are:

  • Sunday Warm-up
    • $50 buy-in
    • $5k guarantee
  • Sunday Storm
    • $10 buy-in
    • $3.5k guarantee
    • 6-max tables
    • 5 minute blinds
  • Sunday Special
    • $200 buy-in
    • $25k guarantee
  • Sunday High-Roller
    • $500 buy-in
    • $10,000 guarantee
    • 6-max tables
  • Sunday Supersonic
    • $75 buy-in
    • $4k guarantee
    • 3 minute blinds

So, there is truly something for everyone this Sunday on PokerStars. There’s no reason not to play – at the very least, it may ease the pain of watching your bracket go up in flames.

Global Poker. Caribbean Getaway. Easy To Win. What Else Do You Need?

When money’s tight, vacations can be an unaffordable luxury. Thankfully, Global Poker‘s Ship It series is offering US players a chance at a Caribbean cruise for just $1 in Sweeps Cash (SC).

In its new Ship It series, Global Poker is offering players a chance to win a $4,000 cruise package. Winners will set sail on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas for a seven-night bonanza of relaxation.

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How to win a Ship It package

Tournaments that award Ship It packages will vary in terms of buy-in and number of packages awarded. However, it is possible to win a package with just SC$1.

Players will be able to qualify for this package beginning March 25. The qualifying rounds will run until April 21.

In addition, Global Poker will host a group of pop-up freerolls on March 23. At random times that day, a notification about a Caribbean Poker Cruise Pop-Up Freeroll will pop up in the lobby. Winners of these tournaments will punch their tickets without any purchase whatsoever.

What’s in the Ship It package?

Each winner will receive a prize package during this event that will have tons of goodies to occupy them. Global Poker has taken care of all the arrangements to make this trip a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Each Ship It package includes:

  • A seven-night stay in an ocean-view cabin (with balcony) 
  • Food, beverages and entertainment for two, which includes a cocktail party to welcome onboard players 
  • $500 for travel expenses
  • $490 for onboard tournament buy-ins
  • Poker coaching sessions
  • Poker seminar

Additionally, there are other great amenities on the Liberty of the Seas for poker and non-poker players alike. The cruise offers rock climbing, ice skating, a wave pool and waterslides to get the blood pumping.

Global Poker has teamed up with Card Player Cruises to bring this opportunity to its players. The cruise will depart from Galveston, Texas, on Sunday, May 5, and return Sunday, May 12.

The ship will travel to various destinations throughout the Caribbean Sea. Ports of call include:

  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Kingston, Jamaica

Between those destinations, there will be some terrific on-board poker action. Global Poker will host numerous ring games and tournaments for its attendees, along with events specific to the poker players on the ship.

There are also numerous nighttime onboard activities, from cocktail hours to pool parties. The ship also features performances of Broadway classics, like Cats, Grease and Mamma Mia!

Finally, there are three excellent restaurants from which to choose each meal selection. Chops Grille serves steaks, Giovanni’s Table has excellent Italian fare, and Johnny Rockets is the place to get a burger. There is also a wine bar onboard.

So, there’s really no reason to miss out on the action. With just a bit of rungood, anyone could find themselves sailing the open seas.

13th Anniversary Sunday Million Going Big with $10 Million Prize Pool and $1 Million First Prize

PokerStars‘ vaunted Sunday Million tournament will mark its 13th anniversary on April 14. To celebrate, PokerStars is bumping the guarantees into the stratosphere.

For the milestone edition of the tournament, the guarantee will increase by order of magnitude to $10 million. Part of that bump will be a first-prize guarantee of $1 million.

In other words, the Sunday Million’s 13th birthday will create a brand-new millionaire. Needless to say, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming event.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this poker milestone,” said Severin Rasset, PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, in a statement. “(B)ut the credit goes to all of the poker lovers out there who have made the Sunday Million happen nearly every week for the past 13 years, so we hope to see them at the tables on April 14.”

Sunday Million has lived up to its name for more than a decade

PokerStars’ Sunday Million has been one of the more prominent online tournaments since before Black Friday. The simple promise of a big tournament for a relatively small price has generated a loyal following for the weekly event.

The inaugural Sunday Million occurred on March 4, 2006. Since then, PokerStars has hosted more than 600 iterations of the tournament.

That first tournament eclipsed the guarantee and generated a prize pool worth $1,178,600. The alliteratively named Canadian player “aaaaaaaa” took first prize in that event for $173,843.50.

The anniversary tournament in April is hardly the first time that PokerStars has raised the prize pool to nosebleed heights. The tournament to commemorate PokerStars’ 10th anniversary remains the largest in Sunday Million’s history.

In that event, more than 62,000 entrants combined to create a $12,423,000 prize pool. Kyle “First-Eagle” Weir took the grand prize on that day in 2011, winning more than $1.1 million for his $215 investment.

PokerStars recently halved the price, but not for the usual reason

The Sunday Million’s $215 buy-in has become part of the tournament’s signature over the years. So, PokerStars’ decision to cut the price in half in January seemed quite shocking.

For most businesses, a price reduction would tend to suggest that the product was not selling at a high enough level. However, that seemed not to be the case for the Sunday Million.

In actuality, the price drop occurred for a different reason. As part of its new recreational player-centric ethos, PokerStars wanted its marquee tournament simply to be more accessible to the public.

Naturally, slicing the buy-in in half means that twice as many players must compete to meet the guarantee each week.  So far, PokerStars has not had trouble doing so, but making a $10 million promise will be difficult, regardless of the buy-in level.

Still, PokerStars is the worldwide leader for traffic for a reason. So, if any site were to eclipse that figure, it would be PokerStars.

Make sure to play the upcoming anniversary tournament if you can. There’s going to be a ton of money floating around.