4 Ways You Can Celebrate PokerStars’ 200 Billionth Hand

Online poker giant PokerStars is about to deal its 200 billionth hand of poker. To commemorate the occasion, Stars is offering four different ways for players to celebrate with them.

200 billion is almost too big a number to comprehend. To give some context, the Milky Way galaxy contains roughly 250 billion stars, including our sun.

So, to have dealt that many hands of poker is quite the achievement. Here are the four ways that PokerStars is marking the occasion.

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PokerStars’ 200 billionth hand itself

Naturally, players who sit for Hand #200,000,000,000 are going to be handsomely rewarded. So, because a round number deserves another round number, each player seated for the milestone hand will receive $10,000.

It does not matter the outcome of the hand. Even players who fold preflop will still receive their five-digit bonus.

Needless to say, players should keep an eye on their hand counters. The lucky hand is not one anyone wants to miss.

Cash Game Surprises

However, there’s not just one lucky hand at PokerStars. In fact, during select hours between now and April 30, there will be one lucky hand per hour.

All players must do is play at a table between 7:00 p.m. and midnight Eastern. At some point during each hour, Stars will drop a reward chest onto a random active table.

The chest will contain a reward worth 20 times the big blind at that table. So, some players will find themselves hundreds or thousands of dollars richer instantly.

There is no opt-in for this promotion. Players must simply be seated during that time.

The one caveat is that heads-up tables are not eligible for the drops. So, consider your game selection if you want to remain active in the promotion.

Milestone tournaments

If cash games aren’t your thing, don’t worry. PokerStars is doing random drops in various tournaments, too.

During select tournaments, Stars will randomly select a table to receive a free tournament ticket. Each player at that table will receive a tournament ticket of equal value to the buy-in of that tournament.

So, for instance, a player in the Sunday Special could potentially receive a $200 tournament ticket. Effectively, players are getting a BOGO deal for the tournament they’re playing.

The milestone tournaments in which these drops will occur are:

  • Sunday tournaments
    • $10 Sunday Storm
    • $200 Sunday Special
    • $75 Sunday Supersonic
  • Daily tournaments
    • The Big $20
    • $5 KO Fever
    • The Hot $20

Daily Rewards

Finally, if playing is not your thing, you can still benefit from the celebration. PokerStars is giving away thousands of dollars every day through random pop-up rewards.

The only requirement is that you must play a single hand of poker at some point between now and May 1. That’s it – there’s no other requirement.

In response, you will be eligible to receive a rewards chest worth up to $2,000 in your account – instantly. Potentially, you could win a chest each day of the promotion, so make sure to log in at least once a day during the next couple of weeks.

In addition, the very first chest you win will come with an added bonus. There will be a ticket to a special $10,000 Mega Freeroll inside.

The Mega Freeroll will run on May 1 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. The only people between you and a share of $10,000 will be other chest recipients.

So, PokerStars is celebrating 200 billion hands in grand style. Make sure you check it out – money might just appear in front of you.