NJSCOOP Reaching A Fever Pitch This Weekend

PokerStars NJ‘s New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) has been running for almost two weeks. Things are building to a fever pitch this weekend, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in guarantees on the line.

NJSCOOP is one of PokerStars’ premier events. The annual series promises more than $1 million in guaranteed prizepools and buy-ins for every bankroll level.

Much like a stack of pancakes, the last part of NJSCOOP is going to be the best. The buttery, syrup-laden center, if you will, includes the two main events and tournaments for every major type of poker game.

Here’s a list of all the remaining events:

Event #ClassificationTournament NameJanuary 12, 1900TimeGame TypeBuy-inGuarantee
32HighBigStack TurboMay 17, 20198 PMNLHE$15012,000
32LowBigStack TurboMay 17, 20198 PMNLHE$15$3,500
33HighFinal Weekend KickoffMay 18, 20196 PMNLHE$200$17,500
33LowFinal Weekend KickoffMay 18, 20196 PMNLHE$20$7,500
34HighStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]May 18, 20197 PMStud8$200$5,000
34LowStud Hi/Lo [8-Max]May 18, 20197 PMStud8$20$1,500
35HighNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]May 18, 20199 PMNLHE$50$7,500
35LowNLHE [4-Max, Turbo, Rebuy]May 18, 20199 PMNLHE$5$2,000
36HighMixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive KO]May 19, 20192:30 PMMixed NLH/PLO$200$14,000
36LowMixed NLHE/PLO [Progressive KO]May 19, 20192:30 PMMixed NLH/PLO$20$4,000
37HighMain Event, 2-Day EventMay 19, 20195 PMNLHE$500$130,000
37LowMain Event, 2-Day EventMay 19, 20195 PMNLHE$50$40,000
38HighPL Omaha [6-Max]May 19, 20198 PMPLO$150$12,500
38LowPL Omaha [6-Max]May 19, 20198 PMPLO$15$2,000
39HighSunday Supersonic SE, Hyper-TurboMay 19, 201910 PMNLHE$100$10,000
39LowHyper-TurboMay 19, 201910 PMNLHE$10$2,500
40HighNightly Stars - NJSCOOP Wrap-UpMay 20, 20197 PMNLHE$100$18,000
40LowNJSCOOP Wrap-UpMay 20, 20197 PMNLHE$10$5,000
41HighWrap-up - Deep, Hyper-TurboMay 20, 20199 PMNLHE$150$12,500
41LowWrap-up - Deep, Hyper-TurboMay 20, 20199 PMNLHE$15$4,000

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The NJSCOOP Main Events

NJSCOOP has a unique two-tiered system of tournaments to allow play from every level of poker player. So, each event is a pair of tournaments that are designated High and Low.

NJSCOOP’s Main Event is no different. There are two awesome tournaments that bear the name of the top tournament in this series.

The High event is a whopper. The $500 buy-in event will run on Sunday, May 19 at 5:00 p.m. There is a mouth-watering $130,000 guaranteed prizepool with the primo tournament.

For those on a budget, the Low main event only costs $50 to enter. However, players who choose to throw their hats in the ring will compete for at least $40,000. The Low tournament will kick at the same time as the High – 5 p.m. on Sunday.

The other NLHE NJSCOOP events remaining

For those looking for something smaller or a supplement to the main events, there are plenty of other no-limit hold’em events available.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the remaining tournaments is the aptly-named Final Weekend Kickoff. This pair of contests will get things started on the last Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The High event for the kickoff is a $200 buy-in collision. There will be $17,500 guaranteed in the prizepool, ensuring that there’s plenty to smile about.

The Low event will run concurrently with a scant $20 buy-in. Still, players will be able to compete for $7,500 in this tournament – not too shabby for such a cheap entry fee.

There is also the NJSCOOP Wrap-up that should send everyone out with a smile on their faces. The High and Low iterations of this event are $100 and $10 to enter, respectively. However, they have extremely appealing guarantees, with the High drawing $18,000 and the Low $5,000.

The other other NJSCOOP events remaining

If no-limit hold’em is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. There are still opportunities for players with other games in mind.

The next most popular game after hold’em is likely pot-limit Omaha. So, it figures that any tournament series worth its salt would have some great Omaha events.

NJSCOOP doesn’t disappoint, even on the final weekend. There are a pair of PLO tournaments that will run at the same time on Sunday, May 19, at 8:00 p.m.

The two tournaments come with buy-ins of $150 and $15. The High event will have $12,500 as a guaranteed prizepool, and the Low will carry $2,000. Since Omaha players tend to be a more specialized group, this pair of contests should have certain PokerStars patrons licking their chops.

There is also a mixed event a few hours earlier on that same day. The progressive KO tournaments will require entry fees of $200 or $20. Each tournament will have quite a healthy guarantee, with $14,000 and $4,000, respectively.

Finally, there is also a Stud Hi/Lo event yet to be played. While this game is a bit more esoteric, the combined guarantees of $6,500 are as mainstream as they come.

So, if you were concerned about missing the NJSCOOP this year, never fear – there’s still time. Make sure to check out all the great action this year.