Partypoker-Sport Buff Partnership Enhances Twitch Streams With Added Viewer Interaction

Partypoker is ramping up interaction with poker fans on Twitch thanks to a new deal with Sport Buff. The company offers next-generation fan engagement and gamification for broadcast and media applications.

Sport Buff will collaborate with partypoker to enhance the company’s Twitch viewing experience. The company will focus on party’s streams across its English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian broadcasts.

“Partypoker’s commitment to building a community for poker fans on Twitch by creating unique, interactive streams that align well with Sport Buff’s mission to provide fans with an engaging, next-generation experience,” partypoker Twitch manager Gaston Catzman said in a news release.

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What will Sport Buff do for partypoker?

Twitch has become an increasingly important medium among online poker sites in recent years. Streaming final tables and other events helps platforms connect with poker fans.

Some of those viewers are new to the game and poker sites see the Twitch service as a vehicle to reach new players. Sports Buff offers streamers several features allowing viewers to “play along” with the action.

Sport Buff’s unique video overlay delivers fully interactive and gamification experiences. That helps drive audience retention and education, delivering real-time engagement, party noted in announcing the deal. Added broadcast elements include:

  • predictions
  • polls
  • trivia
  • fun facts
  • notifications
  • emoji sliders and raters

The features will launch initially on the Twitch desktop platform only, but will expand to mobile devices at a later date.

Operators looking for added value in streaming

The agreement comes at a time when sports have moved beyond just a passive viewing experience. With fantasy gaming, fans are now part of the action as an event unfolds.

Live, in-game sports betting has also become extremely popular among gamblers. The new Sport Buff partypoker offerings may be a way of reaching that segment of poker players.

Watching a stream becomes more interactive, albeit maybe not to the level of daily fantasy and sports betting. Sports Buff officials have high hopes of supercharging the partypoker Twitch experience.

“We’re excited to partner with partypoker to power their poker broadcasts with our next-generation gamification platform,” Sport Buff Vice President Brendan Stock said.

“Together, we are going to change the way that people watch and consume live poker competitions, by driving real-time interaction between the broadcast and the audience. We are going to innovate together to build fun, unique experiences for partypokerTV viewers.”

Sport Buff and partypoker are hoping for a full rollout during the just-announced WPT Online Series. That series runs May 14 to June 2 and players can check out the new Twitch offering.

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