POKER GYMNASTICS: GGPoker Launches Flip & Go Twist to Traditional Tournaments

With hopes of bringing something new to tournament poker, GGPoker unveiled its latest unique variant this week. The new Flip & Go format is designed to make tournament play more exciting with some innovative twists.

The new events are meant to get players right to the money portion of a tournament.

“If you want to get straight to the hottest action in a tournament, then Flip & Go is for you,” GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu said in a news release. “Get flipping with a standard stack or super-size your chips from the start – the choice is yours.

“There are extra stacks on offer during the flipout and a standard game gets underway once you’re in the money.”

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How do Flip & Go tournaments work?

Flip & Go tournaments allow players to purchase extra buy-ins at registration. They then sit down with up to 10 times the default starting chip stack. 

Once underway, Flip & Go’s kick off with a fast-paced “flipout” phase in which participants are dealt three hole cards. They then must discard one before hands are completed.

Bonus chips are added to the stacks of those dealt certain three-card poker hands, such as straights and flushes. 

The flipout phase ends when every table has played down to a single winner. Each of these is then guaranteed a prize. The rest of the Flip & Go is then played out in a standard Texas Hold’em tournament format.

Flip & Go buy-ins start from just $0.01 and tournaments are scheduled every 30 minutes.

GGCare continues helping with bad luck

This new tournament joins another unique GG January promotion called GGCare. This program allows cash game players a chance at overcoming some bad luck.

The site utilizes an algorithm to recognize those who receive a tough cooler or suckout. These players are automatically registered to a daily $30,000 Flipout tournament.

That promotion runs throughout January.

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