PokerStars Announces Two Upcoming Series; Date Set for 16th Anniversary Sunday Million

Big tournament action never seems to end lately at PokerStars. The site recently announced the return of the 50/50 Series from Jan. 30 – Feb. 6, featuring 50 tournaments all with $50 buy-ins.

Another mini-series is also coming, hosted by a PokerStars ambassador and Twitch streamer. The site also recently announced the date for the anniversary of the Sunday Millions. Here’s a look at what’s ahead for PokerStars.

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Inside the PokerStars 50/50 Series

The 50/50 Series brings online poker players plenty of tournaments all at one buy-in level. During the festival, Stars tries to offer a moderate price point for players to take a shot at some nice prize pools. Players looking to try something new can also jump in the action for less.

One highlight on the schedule is the half-price Sunday Million tournament on Jan. 30, with $1 million guaranteed. The Main Event is also set for Feb. 6 and also comes with a $1 million guarantee.

Phase tournaments are also a big part of the schedule, beginning on Jan. 26 and running until the end phase on Jan. 31. These tournaments feature different phases, with players allowed to buy in at different times and eventually work their way into the larger event.

These events allow players to play in the tournament during multiple times. Players can also qualify for the 50/50 series via satellites that start at just $1.10. Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

PokerStars 50/50 Series

Jan. 30#01: Series Opener, $150K GTD, Slow$55$150,000
Jan. 30#02: Sunday Freeze PKO, $150K GTD$55$150,000
Jan. 30#03: Half Price Sunday Million , $1m GTD$55$1,000,000
Jan. 30#04: PLO, $30K GTD$55$30,000
Jan. 30#05: Sunday Supreme, $200K GTD$55$200,000
Jan. 30#06: Sunday Chaser , $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Jan. 30#07: Sunday Wrap-Up, $50K GTD, Hyper$55$50,000
Jan. 31#08: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Jan. 31#09: The Eliminator, $100K GTD$55$100,000
Jan. 31#10: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $250K GTD$55$250,000
Jan. 31#11: Monday Hustle, $125K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$125,000
Jan. 31#12: Heads-Up Total KO, $75K GTD, Turbo$55$75,000
Jan. 31#13: Daily Supersonic SE, $50K GTD, Hyper$55$50,000
Feb. 1#14: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Feb. 1#15: NLO8 [Progressive KO], $25K GTD, Turbo$55$25,000
Feb. 1#16: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $200K GTD$55$200,000
Feb. 1#17: Tuesday Supreme, $100K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 1#18: Fast 7 SE, $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 1#19: Tuesday Finisher, $75K GTD, Hyper$55$75,000
Feb. 2#20: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Feb. 2#21: Total KO, $75K GTD$55$75,000
Feb. 2#22: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $250K GTD$55$250,000
Feb. 2#23: Wednesday Hustle, $125K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$125,000
Feb. 2#24: Wednesday Destroyer, $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 2#25: Daily Supersonic SE, $50K GTD, Hyper$55$50,000
Feb. 3#26: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Feb. 3#27: PLO, $25K GTD$55$25,000
Feb. 3#28: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $250K GTD$55$250,000
Feb. 3#29: Thursday Supreme, $100K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 3#30: Fast 7 SE, $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 3#31: Thursday Finisher, $75K GTD, Hyper$55$75,000
Feb. 4#32: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Feb. 4#33: Friday Freeze, $75K GTD$55$75,000
Feb. 4#34: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $200K GTD$55$200,000
Feb. 4#35: Friday Hustle, $100K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 4#36: NLO8 [Progressive KO], $30K GTD, Turbo$55$30,000
Feb. 450 /50 Series 37: Fast Friday [Late Edition SE], $60K GTD, Turbo$55$60,000
Feb. 5#38: Daily Marathon SE, $60K GTD, Slow$55$60,000
Feb. 5#39: Heads-Up Total KO, $75K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$75,000
Feb. 5#40: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $200K GTD$55$200,000
Feb. 5#41: Saturday Special, $150K GTD$55$150,000
Feb. 5#42: Fast 7 SE, $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 5#43: Daily Supersonic SE, $50K GTD, Hyper$55$50,000
Feb. 6#44: Sunday Marathon SE, $150K GTD, Slow$55$150,000
Feb. 6#45: Mini Bounty Builder SE, $500K GTD$55$500,000
Feb. 6#46: Main PKO, $1m GTD, Slow$55$1,000,000
Feb. 6#47: PLO Main Event, $75K GTD$55$75,000
Feb. 6#48: Sunday Supreme, $200K GTD, Semi-Turbo$55$200,000
Feb. 6#49: Total KO, $100K GTD, Turbo$55$100,000
Feb. 6#50: Series Saver, $150K GTD, Hyper$55$150,000

Lunar New Year also part of tournament mix

The 50/50 Series isn’t the only poker festival on the horizon. PokerStars ambassador and Twitch streamer Georgina “GJReggie” James will help usher in the Lunar New Year with some poker.

James will host a micro-stakes mini-series based on the lunar zodiac and each of the 12 corresponding signs.

GJ’s Lunar New Year” runs from Feb. 1-6 with an overall guarantee of $50,000. Buy-ins range from $2.20 to $11 for the Tiger Tournament Main Event, which has a guarantee of $20,000.

The schedule features a wide range of games, allowing players to try something new at a lower cost. Players can also look for random drops of fully loaded PokerStars Chests with series tickets randomly dropped from Jan. 31 to Feb. 5. Players simply have to tune in to GJReggie and other PokerStars ambassadors’ Twitch channels.

“Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy New Year! The Tiger is approaching,” James said of the upcoming series. “The Lunar New Year is a holiday I’ve always celebrated with good food, family, and a little red envelope with money!

“I’m super excited that I get to share these festivities with my community in the form of my very own poker series. Hopefully we can get together and have some fun.”

Here’s a look at the complete series.

GJ’s Lunar New Year 2022

Feb. 1$2.208-Game$2,000
Feb. 1$2.20Hot$3,500
Feb. 2$2.20F/O$2,000
Feb. 2$2.20HORSE$2,000
Feb. 3$2.20HU Zoom TKO$3,000
Feb. 3$2.20PLO8$2,500
Feb. 4$2.20Turbo$2,500
Feb. 4$2.20Time Tourney$2,000
Feb. 5$2.20PLO$3,000
Feb. 5$2.20Hyper$3,500
Feb. 6$5.508-Game$4,000
Feb. 6$11NLHE$20,000

Date set for Sunday Million anniversary

Along with two upcoming series, PokerStars also recently announced the special anniversary running for the Sunday Million. The $215 tournament celebrates its 16th year on March 20 with a $10 million guarantee.

Players can also win a seat for free in satellites that are already underway. The Sunday Million is the longest running weekly online poker tournament featuring a $1 million guarantee.

The winner of the 16th anniversary event will follow in the footsteps of Canadian poker pro and Twitch streamer Vanessa “Niffler” Kade.

Last year, she bested a field of 69,876 entries for the top spot and a $1.5 million payout. PokerStars will announce more details of the event soon .

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