PokerStars Brings EPT Action Online for First Time; $20 Million Up for Grabs Including Mini Series

Players dreaming of glory on PokerStars’ iconic European Poker Tour (EPT) now have an opportunity to grab some glory online. The EPT Online heads to the virtual tables Nov. 8-18 with an overall guarantee of $20 million.

PokerStars has built a schedule designed to mimic a live EPT event. That includes the series’ prestigious spade trophies for winners, live cards-up coverage, and the opportunity to be written into EPT history.

Players jumping in the action will find 20 championship events with buy-ins ranging from $215 to $25,000. However, the schedule also includes “Mini EPT” tournaments with buy-ins starting at $2.20 for players with lower bankrolls.

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“The EPT is one of our most famous and well-loved poker tours and we know the EPT events have become must-plays in poker players’ calendars,” PokerStars managing director and commercial officer at, Severin Rasset said, “not only for the prestige and excitement that comes with winning a tournament of this magnitude but also for the community and camaraderie of players coming together.”

Living the real PokerStars EPT experience

The EPT was founded in 2004 and normally features tournament series at some great international stops like Barcelona and Monaco. But this year, much of the major live tournament scene remains on hold because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

PokerStars officials hope the new online version can fill some of that void. The goal is to focus on creating an EPT experience close to the real thing.

“We wanted to bring the EPT excitement and entertainment back again by recreating the live schedule for our poker community with online tables, ticket giveaways, and the opportunity to win EPT trophies,” Rasset said.

“We can’t wait to see who will be joining the famous names in the EPT history books. Good luck to all our players. Have fun and play responsibly.”

The main schedule features a total guarantee of $16.6 million. The highlight of the series is the $5,200 Main Event with a $5 million guarantee. There is also a $25,000 Super High Roller with a $2 million guarantee.

Those with lower bankrolls will also find several options including buy-ins of $215, $530, and $1,050. Players will also find various poker variations and game options. Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

2020 PokerStars EPT Online

Nov. 801: 8-Max, Arena Championship$1,050$1,500,000
Nov. 802: PLO 6-Max, High Roller$10,300$500,000
Nov. 803: NLHE 8-Max, High Roller$5,200$500,000
Nov. 904: NLHE$530$350,000
Nov. 905: NLHE 8-Max, Win the Button$1,050$200,000
Nov. 1006: NLHE 8-Max, High Roller$10,300$1,000,000
Nov. 1007: NLHE 8-Max$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1108: NLHE 8-Max$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1109: 8-Game High Roller$5,200$250,000
Nov. 1210: NLHE 8-Max, Super High Roller$25,000$2,000,000
Nov. 1211: NLHE 8-Max, Deep Stacks$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1312: NLHE 6-Max$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1313: 6+ Hold'em 6-Max, High Roller$10,300$400,000
Nov. 1414: NLHE EPT Online Cup$215$500,000
Nov. 1415: NLHE 6-Max Turbo, High Roller$10,300$400,000
Nov. 1516: NLHE 8-Max, Main Event$5,200$5,000,000
Nov. 1517: PLO 6-Max$2,100$500,000
Nov. 1518: NLHE 8-Max, Turbo$1,050$500,000
Nov. 1619: NLHE 8-Max$530$500,000
Nov. 1720: NLHE Last Chance$1,050$500,000

Players in the Southern European and Italian markets will also be able to compete for EPT glory. These players can take part in the €250 EPT Cup on Nov. 22 with a €250,000 guarantee.

Mini EPT adds to the PokerStars action

Beyond the 20 main schedule championship events, spade trophies will also be awarded to Mini EPT winners. This schedule features another 20 events with $3.3 million guaranteed and buy-ins ranging from $5.50 to $215.

The $55 Mini Main Event is set for Nov. 16 with $500,000 guaranteed. The $109 Mini High Roller on Nov. 11 includes a $500,000 guarantee. On Nov. 13, the $215 Mini Super High Roller offers players a $400,000 guarantee.

Through the Mini EPT and satellite ticket giveaways, PokerStars hopes to have every level of player involved. Here’s a look at the complete mini schedule:

2020 PokerStars Mini EPT Online

Nov. 901: NLHE 8-Max$11$150,000
Nov. 902: PLO 6-Max, Mini High Roller$109$125,000
Nov. 903: NLHE 8-Max, Mini High Roller$55$150,000
Nov. 1004: NLHE$5.50$75,000
Nov. 1005: NLHE 8-Max, Mini Win the Button$11$50,000
Nov. 1106: NLHE 8-Max, Mini High Roller$109$500,000
Nov. 1107: NLHE 8-Max Turbo$22$150,000
Nov. 1208: NLHE 8-Max$22$150,000
Nov. 1209: 8-Game Mini High Roller$55$50,000
Nov. 1310: NLHE 8-Max, Mini Super High Roller$215$400,000
Nov. 1311: NLHE 8-Max, Mini Deep Stacks$11$75,000
Nov. 1412: NLHE 6-Max$11$175,000
Nov. 1413: 6+ Hold'em, Mini High Roller$109$50,000
Nov. 1514: NLHE Mini Cup$2.20$50,000
Nov. 1515: NLHE 6-Max, Turbo, Mini High Roller$109$300,000
Nov. 1616: NLHE 8-Max, Mini Main Event$55$500,000
Nov. 1617: PLO 6-Max$22$75,000
Nov. 1618: NLHE 8-Max, Turbo$11$100,000
Nov. 1719: NLHE Mini Last Chance$11$100,000
Nov. 1720: NLHE 8-Max$5.50$75,000

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Promotions and prizes added to EPT Online fun

PokerStars is ramping up on the promotional front as part of the EPT Online. The site is awarding satellite tickets ranging from $11 to $1,050 daily in the $3 million Ticket Machine.

Anyone taking part in any scheduled PokerStars tournament from Oct. 26 to Nov. 15 will earn daily prize drawing entries. These reward winners with tournament tickets and more ways to qualify will be announced in the coming weeks. (Editor’s note: The $3 million Ticket Machine promotion isn’t available in Southern Europe and some restricted .EU markets.)

As with a live EPT event, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton will call all the big action. The commentators will be presenting six days of live cards-up coverage on the PokerStars Twitch channel. Here’s a look at the complete streaming schedule:

PokerStars Ambassadors Fintan Hand, Lex Veldhuis, and Spraggy will also be streaming their action on Twitch. Each player’s own unique Twitch channel will offer a fun first-person perspective of playing in an EPT Main Event.

The EPT Online should attract plenty of interest from players around the world. Look for two interesting weeks at the tables as players vie for their own time in the EPT spotlight.

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