Dream Come True: PokerStars Spin & Go Player Cashes in for $1 Million

It’s not every day that a player gets to battle at an online poker table for a cool million bucks. But that’s just what happened for one lucky PokerStars player in early July.

Austria’s “Spartiat 04” jumped into some Spin & Go action on July 6 and that turned out to be a life-changing decision. He happened to land in one of the site’s highest jackpot tournaments, winning $1 million for his efforts.

It’s a dream opportunity for most online poker players and Spartiat made the opportunity count.

“I dreamed about what would be if I hit and won the $1 million Spin & Go, and now I got it,” the winner told the PokerStars blog. “It was amazing, a life changing moment.”

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What is a Spin & Go?

Those new to online poker may not be as familiar with a Spin & Go. These are popular three-handed events where players can compete for a random prize.

This usually is twice a player’s buy-in, but can run much higher as well. That includes the ultimate jackpot of $1.2 million with $1 million of that going to the winner.

These types of tournaments have become popular on numerous online poker sites. Spin & Go price points on PokerStars range from $0.25 to $1,000.

The action is fun and fast paced, and perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for a longer tournament. That was the case with Spartiat earlier this month. He jumped in on PokerStars Casino for a few Blackjack hands and then played a few Sit & Go’s. That proved to be some great timing.

A look at the final table in the Sit & Go. (photo courtesy PokerStars)

A seven-figure payday at PokerStars

After a few Blackjack hands and some Sit & Go’s, Spartiat took a short break, but then returned to play a bit more. He bought into a $100 event and soon realized this wasn’t an average Spin & Go.

A recreational player, Spartiat’s largest Spin & Go win had been $2,500 before the $1 million event. But he was about to score a total 400 times that.

The action got underway and Belarus’ “denis474711” and Romania’s “puskin8” were also seated at the table. With second and third each receiving $100,000 each, all were at least guaranteed six figures.

There wasn’t any major action early in the tournament, but at hand No. 14 Spartiat found a nice pot with two pair.

Shortly afterward, denis474711 moved all in with J♣ 7♣. Puskin8 called with 7♠ 7♦, but a Jack on the flop took a major chunk of his stack, according to the Stars blog.

Spartiat sent puskin to the rial a few hands later. Spartiat then pressed the action heads up to build his stack. After just 29 hands, his J-9 held up against denis474711’s pocket 7s. The tournament and $1 million was shipped to his player account.

Even after the win, Spartiat was having some trouble coming to terms that the huge win was actually reality. He is, however, pleased with what the money will do for his life.

He noted: “I still don’t realize it, but it gives me financial security.”

Some other big winners

Spartiat is the latest to take a top prize in Sit & Go-style tournaments. In April, three players at 888poker played for a $1 million prize pool in one of the site’s Blast Jackpot Sit and Go’s. “Mikaxe” took first place in that event for $700,000.

In February, another player cashed in big in a SPINS event, PartyPoker’s version of these small-field jackpot tournaments. “AfterH0urs” found the top spot for $1 million. Playing multiple tables at the time, he initially didn’t realize the amount that was actually on the line. 

“It seemed like just a standard morning,” AfterH0urs said after the win. “I was playing around 10-11 tables and did not even notice the jackpot for quite some time.

“I continued with my multiple table gameplay and a single, slightly different, table finally caught my attention. I checked the prize pool and could not believe my eyes … $1.2 million.”

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