The massive online poker action continues this weekend with plenty of tournaments on the slate. Once again PokerScout brings players a complete guide and event schedule

Here’s a complete look at the weekend’s poker scene.

PokerStars– Check out two Turbo Series Sunday events with $1 million and $2 million guarantees.

888pokerThe Dragon series continues this week with $100,000 guaranteed.

GGPoker – The GGSeries rolls on with major daily events.

Partypoker– The Poker Masters offers two events each day all weekend.

Here’s a full schedule of this weekend’s major tournament events.

Weekend Poker Events April 17-19, 2020

Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 90: NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO$11$60,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 91: NLHE Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom$55$100,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 92: NLHE$22$150,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 93: NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO$109$400,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 94: 8-Game$55$40,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 95: NLHE 3-Max, Hyper-Turbo, 5-Stack$55$100,000
Friday, April 17PokerStarsTurbo Series 96: NLHE 6-Max$215$100,000
Friday, April 17partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$22$25,000
Friday, April 17partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$0.55$500
Friday, April 17partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$320$100,000
Friday, April 17partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$55$150,000
Friday, April 17partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #11: PLO, 6-Max$10,300$500,000
Friday, April 17partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #12: NLHE, 6-Max$10,300$250,000
Friday, April 17888pokerThe Dragon: Day 1 starting flights$109$100,000
Friday, April 17GGPokerGGS-H: Starter$200$50,000
Friday, April 17GGPokerGGS-M: Starter$20$15,000
Friday, April 17GGPokerGGS-L: Starter$2$2,000
Friday, April 17GGPokerGGS-HR: $2.5K$2,500$8,000
Friday, April 17GGPokerGGS-M: $25$25$15,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 97: NLHE$22 $80,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 98: NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO, Zoom$109$200,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 99: NLHE Splash$11+R$125K
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 100: NLHE$530$200,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 101: NLO8 Six-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$215$100,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 102: NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO, Daily Cooldown SE$1,050$300,000
Saturday, April 18PokerStarsTurbo Series 103: NLHE$109$80,000
Saturday, April 18PartypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$530$75,000
Saturday, April 18PartypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$109$75,000
Saturday, April 18PartypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$11$30,000
Saturday, April 18PartypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$215$50,000
Saturday, April 18partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #13: NLHE, 8-Max$500,000$10,300
Saturday, April 18partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #14: NLHE, 6-Max$250,000$10,300
Saturday, April 18888pokerThe Dragon: Day 2$100,000$109
Saturday, April 18GGPokerGGS: Daily Special$33$30,000
Saturday, April 18GGPokerGGS: Daily Special$55$50,000
Saturday, April 18GGPokerGGS: Daily Special$88$80,000
Saturday, April 18GGPokerGGS-HR: Daily Main$5,000$150,000
Saturday, April 18GGPokerGGS-M: Daily Main$50$50,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 104: NLHE 8-Max, Deep Stacks$109$150,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 105: NLHE 6-Max, Progressive KO$22$150,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 106: PLO 6-Max$215$125,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 107: NLHE 8-Max, Double Deuce SE$22$275,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 108: NLHE 8-Max$5,200$750,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 109: NLHE Main Event – High$1,050$2 million
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 110: NLHE Main Event – Low$55$1 million
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 111: NLHE 8-Max, Progressive KO$109$400,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 112: NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE$215$275,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 113: NLHE 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Mini Sunday Supersonic SE$22$150,000
Sunday, April 19PokerStarsTurbo Series 114: NLHE$55 $135,000
Sunday, April 19partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$320$200,000
Sunday, April 19partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$5.50$5,000
Sunday, April 19partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$320$500,000
Sunday, April 19partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$11$50,000
Sunday, April 19partypokerPOWERFEST: NLHE$0.55$500
Sunday, April 19partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #15: NLH, 8-Max$10,300$500,000
Sunday, April 19partypoker/Poker CentralPoker Masters #16: NLH, 6-Max$10,300$250,000
Sunday, April 19888pokerThe Dragon: Day starting flights (through Friday)$109$100,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS: $1K $1,000$100,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-HR: Omaha Main Event$5,000$150,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-H: Omaha Main Event$500 $40,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-M: Omaha Main Event$50$12,500
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-L: Omaha Main Event$5$3,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-HR: Sunday Main$5,000$300,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-H: Sunday Main$500$200,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-M: Sunday Main$50$100,000
Sunday, April 19GGPokerGGS-L: Sunday Main$5$15,000