Unibet Launches UOS9 with $1 Million Guaranteed; New Software in the Works

Poker players have yet another online series to look forward to this week. The Unibet Online Series 9 kicks off Sept. 18 and runs through Oct. 11 with 133 events and an overall guarantee of €1 million.

The site caters to those who may not be looking for mega buy-in events and prefer some lower-stakes cash games and tournaments. Those looking to go a bit bigger, however, will also find some action.

The UOS9 is an example of that with Nano, Low, Mid, and High buy-in levels. That ranges from as small as €0.50 all the way up to €300.

Those looking for some lower buy-in options and plenty of fun may want to jump in the UOS9 action.

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“We foster for our recreational players by running a quite large part of our tournaments in the lower buy-in range,” Kindred Group (Unibet’s corporate owner) poker tournament manager Leo Wagenius tells USPoker. “But of course we’re also running some weekly tournaments in the higher buy-in range, such as €50 to €200.”

Some highlights of the Unibet OS9 schedule

The UOS9 offers plenty of tournaments for players who prefer some fun with a bargain buy-in. Unibet goes out of its way to live up to its motto “By players, for players.”

When it comes to micro stakes action that means no rake. Unibet takes no fee for any tournaments with a buy-in of €1 or less.

Players in the UOS9 will find mostly No Limit Hold’em with a few Omaha events mixed in. There are also several bounty tournaments on the schedule, adding some extra excitement.

Key bullet points include three two-day main events set for Oct. 2 with the €300 Main Event guaranteeing €30,000. The €0.50 Nano version guarantees €400 and the €10 Low version guarantees €4,000.

Unibet is also including some of its traditional brands into the series: the UK Tour and the Unibet Open. The €1,100 Unibet Open Online, a two-day event with €250,000 guaranteed, should attract a nice field.

A few other events that should draw plenty of interest include:

  • €1 Nano NLHE Rebuy Two-Day – €500 guaranteed (Sept. 20)
  • €50 Mid NLHE Rebuy Two-Day – €25,000 guaranteed (Sept. 27)
  • €250 High NLHE UK Tour Online Two-Day – €25,000 guaranteed (Sept. 27)
  • €100 Rebuy High NLHE Two-Day – €50,000 guaranteed (Oct. 4)
  • €50 Rebuy Mid NLHE Two-Day – €25,000 guaranteed (Oct. 4)
  • €100 High Unibet Open Online Two-Day – €25,000 guaranteed (Oct. 11)
  • €1,100 High Unibet Open Online Two-Day – €250,000 guaranteed (Oct. 11)

Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

2020 Unibet Online Series 9

DateeventNameBuy-in levelBuy-in (in Euros)GuaranteeTypeRebuyBounty Prize/Bounty//Win/On-head
2020-09-181€300 E1 UOS NanoNano0.50300HoldemNo
2020-09-182€5,000 E2 UOS LowLow105000HoldemNo
2020-09-183€15,000 E3 UOS MidMid5015000HoldemNo
2020-09-184€100 E4 UOS Omaha Bounty NanoNano0.50100Omaha BountyRe-enter40/60/50/50
2020-09-185€3,000 E5 UOS Omaha Bounty LowLow103000Omaha BountyRe-enter40/60/50/50
2020-09-186€7,500 E6 UOS Omaha Bounty MidMid507500Omaha BountyRe-enter40/60/50/50
2020-09-197€200 E7 UOS NanoNano0.25200HoldemNo
2020-09-198€2,000 E8 UOS LowLow52000HoldemNo
2020-09-199€10,000 E9 UOS MidMid2510000HoldemNo
2020-09-1910€200 E10 UOS Re-enter NanoNano0.25200HoldemRe-enter max 5
2020-09-1911€1,000 E11 UOS Re-enter LowLow51000HoldemRe-enter max 5
2020-09-1912€7,500 E12 UOS Re-enter MidMid257500HoldemRe-enter max 5
2020-09-2013€500 E13 UOS Nano 2-DayNano1500HoldemNo
2020-09-2014€10,000 E14 UOS Mid 2-DayMid2510000HoldemNo
2020-09-2015€30,000 E15 UOS High 2-DayHigh10030000HoldemNo
2020-09-2016€300 E16 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-09-2017€2,500 E17 UOS Rebuy LowLow52500HoldemYes
2020-09-2018€7,500 E18 UOS Rebuy MidMid257500HoldemYes
2020-09-2119€700 E19 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.50700HoldemYes
2020-09-2120€6,000 E20 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-09-2121€15,000 E21 UOS Rebuy MidMid2515000HoldemYes
2020-09-2122€100 E22 UOS Omaha Bounty NanoNano0.25100Omaha BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-09-2123€1,000 E23 UOS Omaha Bounty LowLow51000Omaha BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-09-2124€4,000 E24 UOS Omaha Bounty MidMid254000Omaha BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-09-2225€100 E25 UOS NanoNano0.25100HoldemNo
2020-09-2226€2,000 E26 UOS LowLow52000HoldemNo
2020-09-2227€8,000 E27 UOS MidMid258000HoldemNo
2020-09-2228€100 E28 UOS Bounty NanoNano0.25100Holdem BountyNo50/50/50/50
2020-09-2229€1,000 E29 UOS Bounty LowLow51000Holdem BountyNo50/50/50/50
2020-09-2230€15,000 E30 UOS Bounty HighHigh10015000Holdem BountyNo50/50/50/50
2020-09-2331€400 E31 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25400HoldemYes
2020-09-2332€6,000 E32 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-09-2333€15,000 E33 UOS Rebuy MidMid2515000HoldemYes
2020-09-2334€100 E34 UOS Omaha NanoNano0.25100OmahaNo
2020-09-2335€2,000 E35 UOS Omaha LowLow102000OmahaNo
2020-09-2336€7,000 E36 UOS Omaha MidMid507000OmahaNo
2020-09-2437€300 E37 UOS Bounty NanoNano0.50300Holdem BountyNo50/50/70/30
2020-09-2438€4,000 E38 UOS Bounty LowLow104000Holdem BountyNo50/50/70/30
2020-09-2439€15,000 E39 UOS Bounty MidMid5015000Holdem BountyNo50/50/70/30
2020-09-2440€300 E40 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-09-2441€4,000 E41 UOS Rebuy LowLow104000HoldemYes
2020-09-2442€15,000 E42 UOS Rebuy MidMid5015000HoldemYes
2020-09-2543€300 E43 UOS NanoNano0.50300HoldemNo
2020-09-2544€4,000 E44 UOS LowLow104000HoldemNo
2020-09-2545€10,000 E45 UOS MidMid5010000HoldemNo
2020-09-2546€100 E46 UOS Ante Re-enter NanoNano0.25100Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-09-2547€1,000 E47 UOS Ante Re-enter LowLow51000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-09-2548€5,000 E48 UOS Ante Re-enter MidMid255000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-09-2649€1,000 E49 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.501000HoldemYes
2020-09-2650€6,000 E50 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-09-2651€15,000 E51 UOS Rebuy High UK SIDE EVENTHigh10015000HoldemYes
2020-09-2652€100 E52 UOS NanoNano0.25100HoldemNo
2020-09-2653€1,500 E53 UOS LowLow51500HoldemNo
2020-09-2654€5,000 E54 UOS MidMid255000HoldemNo
2020-09-2755€2,000 E55 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-DaysNano12000HoldemYes
2020-09-2756€25,000 E56 UOS Rebuy Mid 2-DaysMid5025000HoldemYes
2020-09-2757€25,000 E57 UOS UK Tour Online High 2-DaysHigh25025000Holdem1 re-entry
2020-09-2758€200 E58 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-09-2759€2,500 E59 UOS Rebuy LowLow52500HoldemYes
2020-09-2760€7,500 E60 UOS Rebuy MidMid257500HoldemYes
2020-09-2861€200 E61 UOS Big Bang NanoNano0.50200HoldemNo
2020-09-2862€2,000 E62 UOS Big Bang LowLow102000HoldemNo
2020-09-2863€10,000 E63 UOS Big Bang HighHigh20010000HoldemNo
2020-09-2864€200 E64 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-09-2865€2,000 E65 UOS Rebuy LowLow52000HoldemYes
2020-09-2866€10,000 E66 UOS Rebuy MidMid2510000HoldemYes
2020-09-29REST DAY
2020-09-3067€200 E67 UOS NanoNano0.50200HoldemNo
2020-09-3068€4,000 E68 UOS LowLow104000HoldemNo
2020-09-3069€10,000 E69 UOS MidMid5010000HoldemNo
2020-09-3070€300 E70 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-09-3071€4,000 E71 UOS Rebuy LowLow104000HoldemYes
2020-09-3072€15,000 E72 UOS Rebuy MidMid5015000HoldemYes
2020-10-0173€300 E73 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-10-0174€6,000 E74 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-10-0175€15,000 E75 UOS Rebuy High DSO SIDE EVENTHigh10015000HoldemYes
2020-10-0176€100 E76 UOS Omaha NanoNano0.25100OmahaNo
2020-10-0177€2,000 E77 UOS Omaha LowLow102000OmahaNo
2020-10-0178€6,000 E78 UOS Omaha MidMid506000OmahaNo
2020-10-0279€400 E79 UOS Nano 2-DaysNano0.50400HoldemRe-enter
2020-10-0280€4,000 E80 UOS Low 2-DaysLow104000HoldemRe-enter
2020-10-0281€30,000 E81 UOS DSO Online Main High 2-DaysHigh30030000Holdem1 re-entry
2020-10-0282€100 E82 UOS Ante Re-enter NanoNano0.25100Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-0283€1,000 E83 UOS Ante Re-enter LowLow51000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-0284€5,000 E84 UOS Ante Re-enter MidMid255000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-0385€300 E85 UOS Bounty NanoNano0.50300Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-0386€5,000 E86 UOS Bounty LowLow105000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-0387€15,000 E87 UOS Bounty MidMid5015000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-0388€200 E88 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-10-0389€1,500 E89 UOS Rebuy LowLow51500HoldemYes
2020-10-0390€5,000 E90 UOS Rebuy MidMid255000HoldemYes
2020-10-0491€1,500 E91 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-DaysNano11500HoldemYes
2020-10-0492€25,000 E92 UOS Rebuy Mid 2-DayMid5025000HoldemYes
2020-10-0493€50,000 E93 UOS Rebuy High 2-DaysHigh10050000HoldemYes
2020-10-0494€200 E94 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-10-0495€2,500 E95 UOS Rebuy LowLow52500HoldemYes
2020-10-0496€7,500 E96 UOS Rebuy MidMid257500HoldemYes
2020-10-0597€300 E97 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-10-0598€6,000 E98 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-10-0599€10,000 E99 UOS Rebuy MidMid2510000HoldemYes
2020-10-05100€100 E100 UOS Omaha NanoNano0.25100OmahaNo
2020-10-05101€2,000 E101 UOS Omaha LowLow102000OmahaNo
2020-10-05102€4,000 E102 UOS Omaha MidMid254000OmahaNo
2020-10-06REST DAY
2020-10-07103€300 E103 UOS Bounty NanoNano0.50300Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-07104€4,000 E104 UOS Bounty LowLow104000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-07105€10,000 E105 UOS Bounty MidMid5010000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-07106€300 E106 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-10-07107€4,000 E107 UOS Rebuy LowLow104000HoldemYes
2020-10-07108€15,000 E108 UOS Rebuy MidMid5015000HoldemYes
2020-10-08109€300 E109 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25300HoldemYes
2020-10-08110€6,000 E110 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-10-08111€15,000 E111 UOS Unibet Opener Online HighHigh10015000HoldemYes
2020-10-08112€100 E112 UOS Ante Re-enter NanoNano0.25100Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-08113€1,000 E113 UOS Ante Re-enter LowLow51000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-08114€5,000 E114 UOS Ante Re-enter MidMid255000Holdem AnteRe-enter max 5
2020-10-09115€300 E115 UOS Bounty NanoNano0.50300Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-09116€4,000 E116 UOS Bounty LowLow104000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-09117€10,000 E117 UOS Bounty HighHigh10010000Holdem BountyNo50/50/75/25
2020-10-09118€100 E118 UOS NanoNano0.25100HoldemNo
2020-10-09119€1,000 E119 UOS LowLow51000HoldemNo
2020-10-09120€5,000 E120 UOS MidMid255000HoldemNo
2020-10-10121€400 E121 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25400HoldemYes
2020-10-10122€6,000 E122 UOS Rebuy LowLow106000HoldemYes
2020-10-10123€15,000 E123 UOS Unibet Open Online Warm-Up HighHigh10015000HoldemYes
2020-10-10124€200 E124 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-10-10125€2,500 E125 UOS Rebuy LowLow52500HoldemYes
2020-10-10126€7,500 E126 UOS Rebuy MidMid257500HoldemYes
2020-10-11127€2,000 E127 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-DaysNano12000HoldemYes
2020-10-11128€25,000 E128 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-DaysHigh10025000HoldemYes
2020-10-11129€250,000 E129 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-DaysHigh1100250000Holdem1 re-entry
2020-10-11130€200 E130 UOS Rebuy NanoNano0.25200HoldemYes
2020-10-11131€2,500 E131 UOS Rebuy LowLow52500HoldemYes
2020-10-11132€7,500 E132 UOS Rebuy MidMid257500HoldemYes

Proudly rec player friendly at Unibet

Catering to recreational and part-time players is a major part of the mindset at Unibet. Along with lower buy-ins and rake-free micro events, the site also has some other ways it caters to rec players.

Poker tracking software is banned and players can change their usernames up to three times a day. These present some obstacles for sharks looking to feast on less-experienced players.

Wagenius says communicating with players remains a big goal as well at Unibet.

“What really stands out is our close and straightforward communication with our customers,” he says. “We have a Unibet community where we listen to customer suggestions on a daily basis.”

The site also offers players the ability to create on-demand home game tournaments. All these events run rake free – a nice benefit to play with friends while social distancing during a pandemic.

“It’s really appreciated by customers, to be able to have small tournaments with friends and not pay for it,” Wagenius says.

“The entire poker team tries to make customers feel that they can actually impact where we take the product.”

Players have another nice event to look forward to during UOS9. The site plans to launch a complete software client facelift on Sept. 22. No word on the changes yet, but with its player-friendly approach, Unibet hopes the new software will be even more user friendly.

Looking to get in the game at Unibet? Check out the PokerScout review with a €200 play bonus, entry into four weekly €500 Welcome Freerolls, and €20 worth of poker tickets.