Unibet Summer Circuit Series Sizzles With $250,000 Guarantee 

The international online poker market continues to explode and Unibet is getting in on the action this month. The operator offers up its Summer Circuit Series Aug. 21-30 with a total guarantee of €250,000.

The series features 40 events with buy-ins ranging from €50 to €200. The series offers plenty of action for players around the world with guarantees from €2,500 to €20,000.

Those players with limited bankrolls will find some nice payouts for a small investment.

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Quick look at the Unibet  Summer Circuit Series schedule

Unibet has long worked hard to cater to recreational players. This isn’t a site for poker pros, but players looking to have some fun. For the Summer Circuit Series that includes a shot at some nice prize pools..

The site bans poker trackers and allows players to change their alias up to three times per day. This makes picking off fish a bit more difficult for the sharks in this poker ocean.

Most events in the Summer Circuit Series have bargain buy-ins, but those looking for bigger tournaments will find a few. That includes three €100 tournaments on Aug. 23, 27, and 30.

The €200 Big Bang is set for Aug. 25 with a €10,000 guarantee and is the largest buy-in of the series. This event and the three €100 events are considered the series’s championships.

Other Unibet series highlights

Beyond that Big Bang “High Roller,” players have some other nice action to check out. A few highlights include:

  • €50 Kickoff, Aug. 21 — €5,000 guaranteed
  • €100 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day (championship), Aug 23 — €20,000 guaranteed
  • €25 NLHE NLHE Rebuy 2-Day, Aug 23 — €10,000 guaranteed
  • €25 NLHE NLHE Bounty, Aug. 25 — €7,500 guaranteed
  • €200 Big Bang (championship), Aug. 25 – €10,000 guaranteed
  • €50 NLHE NLHE Rebuy, Aug. 26 — €7,500 guaranteed
  • €100 NLHE NLHE Bounty (championship), Aug. 27 — €10,000 guaranteed
  • €100 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day (championship), Aug. 30 — €20,000 guaranteed

Here’s a look ta the complete schedule.

Unibet Summer Circuit Schedule

Aug. 21#1 NLHE Kickoff€50€5,000NLHE
Aug. 21#2 NLHE Rebuy€25€5,000NLHE
Aug. 21#3 NLHE€50€2,500NLHE
Aug. 21#4 NLHE€25€2,500NLHE
Aug. 22#5 NLHE€25€5,000NLHE
Aug. 22#6 NLHE Bounty€50€7,500NLHE Bounty
Aug. 22#7 NLHE Re-Enter€25€2,500Omaha
Aug. 22#8 NLHE Rebuy€50€7,500NLHE
Aug. 23#9 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day€100€20,000NLHE
Aug. 23#10 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day€25€10,000NLHE
Aug. 23#11 NLHE Bounty€25€2,500NLHE Bounty
Aug. 23#12 NLHE Rebuy€50€2,500NLHE
Aug. 24#13 NLHE€50€7,500NLHE
Aug. 24#14 NLHE Rebuy€25€7,500NLHE
Aug. 24#15 NLHE Bounty€25€2,500NLHE Bounty
Aug. 24#16 NLHE€25€2,500NLHE
Aug. 25#17 NLHE Big Bang200€10,000NLHE
Aug. 25#18 NLHE€25€2,500NLHE
Aug. 25#19 NLHE Bounty€25€7,500NLHE
Aug. 25#20 NLHE Bounty€25€2,500NLHE Bounty
Aug. 26#21 NLHE€50€5,000NLHE
Aug. 26#22 NLHE Rebuy€25€5,000NLHE
Aug. 26#23 NLHE Rebuy€25€5,000NLHE
Aug. 26#24 NLHE Rebuy€50€7,500NLHE
Aug. 27#25 NLHE Rebuy€25€7,500NLHE
Aug. 27#26 NLHE Rebuy€50€7,500NLHE
Aug. 27#27 NLHE Bounty€100€10,000NLHE Bounty
Aug. 27#28 NLHE Bounty€25€2,500NLHE Bounty
Aug. 28#29 NLHE€50€5,000NLHE
Aug. 28#30 NLHE Rebuy€25€7,500NLHE
Aug. 28#31 NLHE Rebuy€25€7,500NLHE
Aug. 28#32 NLHE Bounty€25€5,000NLHE Bounty
Aug. 29#33 NLHE Rebuy€25€5,000NLHE
Aug. 29#34 NLHE Bounty Re-enter€50€5,000NLHE Bounty
Aug. 29#35 NLHE€25€2,500NLHE
Aug. 29#36 NLHE Bounty€25€2,500Omaha Bounty
Aug. 30#37 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day€100€20,000NLHE
Aug. 30#38 NLHE Rebuy 2-Day€50€15,000NLHE
Aug. 30#39 NLHE Rebuy€50€7,500NLHE
Aug. 30#40 NLHE€25€2,500NLHE

Added qualifiers and leaderboard cash

There will be numerous qualifiers for all different buy-in levels running daily throughout the Summer Circuit Series. That also includes daily “superqualifiers” already underway with multiple tickets  guaranteed during each event.

 As part of the fun, there is also a series leaderboard with a €10,000 prize pool. The top spot finisher takes home an extra €2,500.

Sign Up And Get €20 Worth Of Poker Tickets

€200 Playthrough Bonus
€200 Playthrough Bonus
Entry to 4 weekly €500 Welcome Freerolls
€20 worth of Poker Tickets
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Even more to come from Unibet – with seven figures

The Summer Circuit isn’t the only poker festival on tap for Unibet players. The site has already announced plans for the Unibet Online Series (UOS9) set for Sept. 18 to Oct. 11.

USO9 promises even more for players – with a €1 million total guaranteed prize pool. The series features a €1,100 two-day main event with a €250,000 guarantee.

The entire schedule hasn’t been released yet, but check back at PokerScout for a complete preview when it’s announced.

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