PokerStars Summer Series Scorches Guarantee with Stadium Series on Deck with $50M

The soaring online poker industry considers to crush estimates. Operators around the world are reporting massive events and PokerStars is the latest.

The site’s Summer Series ran from June 7-21 and generated a scorching $34 million prize pool. That easily topped the $25 million guarantee.

As the industry continues to explode, even more events are on the horizon with major tournament poker at a standstill.

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PokerStars dives in the deep end of the pool

The Summer Series offers yet another glimpse into how many players are getting online. The festival attracted 931,000 entries across 167 events.

British pro Sam Grafton took down the $530 Main Event for more than $200,000.

“It’s an exhilarating feeling to get first in such a big tournament,” he told the Poker in the Ears podcast afterward. “I like to win in poker. It’s still a very unique and special feeling. Obviously, financially it’s very important when you’re playing so high and playing so many events.”

Germany’s Fedor Holz added yet another to his title as well. He took down the $5,200 High Roller for $156,000.

Stadium Series is next up for PokerStars

The action isn’t slowing down yet. The Stadium Series kicks off this weekend, running from July 5 to Aug. 2. The series brings yet another massive guarantee – this time $50 million.

That includes plenty of free cash. The site is awarding more than $2 million in tournament tickets. The series brings a bit of sporting dynamics to the virtual poker felt.

Players can compete in three-tiered “Heat” tournaments throughout the week. They can then qualify for weekly Sunday Finals tournament in each tier.

Buy-ins and guarantees of the finals increase weekly until the Grand Final on Aug. 2. That event features a $5,200 buy-in and $5 million guarantee.

Fast track tickets will also award five seats to the $5,200 Stadium Series Grand Final every day.

Poker fans will find plenty of coverage on PokerStars Twitch stream beginning July 13. James Hartigan, Joe Stapleton, and Grafton will all be providing commentary.

This will also be the first PokerStars online series featuring cards-up coverage. Twitch viewers will find $250,000 worth of Stadium Series tickets given away.

For a complete preview of the Stadium Series, click here. Here’s a look at the complete schedule.

DateStakesBuy-InGuaranteePKOSpeedSpecial add-on contents
5-JulLow$ 5.50$125,000 NRegularTop 100 receive $55
5-JulMedium$ 55.00$400,000 NRegularTop 50 receive $530
5-JulHigh$530.00$750,000 NSlow
5-JulLow$5.50$75,000 YSemi-TurboTop 100 receive $55
5-JulMedium$55.00$300,000 YSemi-TurboTop 50 receive $530
5-JulHigh$530.00$500,000 YSemi-Turbo
6-JulLow$5.50$75,000 YRegularTop 100 receive $55
6-JulMedium$55.00$200,000 YRegularTop 50 receive $530
6-JulHigh$530.00$350,000 YSlow
7-JulLow – Freezeout$5.50$50,000 NRegularTop 100 receive $55
7-JulMedium – Freezeout$55.00$150,000 NRegularTop 50 receive $530
7-JulHigh – Freezeout$530.00$250,000 NSlow
8-JulLow$5.50$75,000 NRegularTop 100 receive $55
8-JulMedium$55.00$150,000 NRegularTop 50 receive $530
8-JulHigh$530.00$250,000 NSlow
9-JulLow$5.50$75,000 YRegularTop 100 receive $55
9-JulMedium$55.00$250,000 YRegularTop 50 receive $530
9-JulHigh$530.00$500,000 YSlow
10-JulLow – Deep Stack$5.50$50,000 NRegularTop 100 receive $55
10-JulMedium – Deep Stack$55.00$150,000 NRegularTop 50 receive $530
10-JulHigh – Deep Stack$530.00$250,000 NSlow
11-JulLow$5.50$75,000 YRegularTop 100 receive $55
11-JulMedium$55.00$200,000 YRegularTop 50 receive $530
11-JulHigh$530.00$350,000 YSlow
12-JulLow – Freezeout Final$5.50$150,000 NRegular Top 9 receive $5,200
12-JulMedium – Freezeout Final$55.00$500,000 NRegular Top 9 receive $5,200
12-JulHigh – Freezeout Final$530.00$1,000,000 NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
12-JulLow$11.00$175,000 NSemi-TurboTop 100 receive $109
12-JulMedium$109.00$400,000 NSemi-Turbo Top 20 receive $1,050
12-JulHigh $1,050.00 $500,000 NSemi-Turbo
13-JulLow$11.00$175,000 YRegularTop 100 receive $109
13-JulMedium$109.00$350,000 YRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
13-JulHigh $1,050.00 $500,000 YSlow
14-JulLow – Freezeout$11.00$125,000 NRegularTop 100 receive $109
14-JulMedium – Freezeout $109.00$250,000NRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
14-JulHigh – Freezeout $1,050.00$400,000NSlow
15-JulLow$11.00$125,000NRegularTop 100 receive $109
15-JulMedium$109.00$250,000NRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
15-JulHigh $1,050.00$500,000NSlow
16-JulLow$11.00$200,000YRegularTop 100 receive $109
16-JulMedium$109.00$500,000YRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
17-JulLow – Deep Stack$11.00$125,000NRegularTop 100 receive $109
17-JulMedium – Deep Stack$109.00$250,000NRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
17-JulHigh – Deep Stack$1,050.00$400,000NSlow
18-JulLow$11.00$200,000YRegularTop 100 receive $109
18-JulMedium$109.00$350,000YRegular Top 20 receive $1,050
18-JulHigh$1,050.00 $500,000YSlow
19-JulLow – Freezeout Final$11.00$500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
19-JulMedium – Freezeout Final$109.00$ 1,500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
19-JulHigh – Freezeout Final$1,050.00 $1,500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
19-JulLow$22.00$275,000NSemi-TurboTop 75 receive $215
19-JulMedium$215.00$500,000NSemi-Turbo Top 10 receive $2,100
19-JulHigh$2,100.00 $500,000NSemi-Turbo
20-JulLow$ 22.00$275,000YRegularTop 75 receive $215
20-JulMedium$ 215.00$500,000YRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
20-JulHigh $ 2,100.00 $500,000YSlow
21-JulLow – Freezeout$22.00$200,000NRegularTop 75 receive $215
21-JulMedium – Freezeout$215.00$400,000NRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
21-JulHigh – Freezeout$2,100.00 $500,000NSlow
22-JulLow$22.00$200,000NRegularTop 75 receive $215
22-JulMedium$215.00$400,000NRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
22-JulHigh$2,100.00 $500,000NSlow
23-JulLow$22.00$300,000YRegularTop 75 receive $215
23-JulMedium$215.00$750,000YRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
23-JulHigh$2,100.00 $1,000,000YSlow
24-JulLow – Deep Stack$22.00$200,000NRegularTop 75 receive $215
24-JulMedium – Deep Stack$215.00$400,000NRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
24-JulHigh – Deep Stack$2,100.00 $500,000NSlow
25-JulLow$22.00$300,000YRegularTop 75 receive $215
25-JulMedium$215.00$500,000YRegular Top 10 receive $2,100
25-JulHigh$2,100.00 $500,000YSlow
26-JulLow – Freezeout Final$22.00$500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
26-JulMedium – Freezeout Final$215.00$1,500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
26-JulHigh – Freezeout Final$2,100.00 $1,500,000NSlow Top 9 receive $5,200
26-JulLow$55.00$300,000NSemi-TurboTop 50 receive $530
26-JulMedium$530.00$750,000NSemi-Turbo Top 5 receive $5,200
26-JulHigh$5,200.00 $1,000,000NSemi-Turbo
27-JulLow$55.00$250,000YRegularTop 50 receive $530
27-JulMedium$530.00$500,000YSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
27-JulHigh$5,200.00 $500,000YSlow
28-JulLow – Freezeout$55.00$200,000NRegularTop 50 receive $530
28-JulMedium – Freezeout$530.00$500,000NSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
28-JulHigh – Freezeout$5,200.00 $500,000NSlow
29-JulLow$55.00$200,000NRegularTop 50 receive $530
29-JulMedium$530.00$500,000NSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
29-JulHigh$5,200.00 $500,000NSlow
30-JulLow$55.00$400,000YRegularTop 50 receive $530
30-JulMedium$530.00$1,000,000YSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
30-JulHigh$5,200.00 $500,000YSlow
31-JulLow – Deep Stack$55.00$200,000NRegularTop 50 receive $530
31-JulMedium – Deep Stack$530.00$500,000NSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
31-JulHigh – Deep Stack$5,200.00 $500,000NSlow
1-AugLow$55.00$250,000YRegularTop 50 receive $530
1-AugMedium$530.00$500,000YSlow Top 5 receive $5,200
2-AugLow – Freezeout Grand Final$55.00$1,000,000NSlow
2-AugMedium – Freezeout Grand Final$530.00$2,000,000NSlow
2-AugHigh – Freezeout Grand Final$5,200.00 $5,000,000NSlow
2-AugMedium$1,050.00 $1,000,000NSemi-Turbo

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PokerStars casts new fishing lure Throwable

Throwables are one of the social-gaming aspects PokerStars recently added to its platform. These are virtual objects that can be tossed at an opponent to add some more fun to the action.

Players can already make use of fireworks, tissues, and alarm clocks.

PokerStars has now added a fishing lure feature. This Throwable is unlocked by knocking out three players from a tournament or busting three players in a cash game. Here’s a look at how the new feature works.

Want to have some fun with an opponent? Simply cast a line and reel in a fish.