Neymar Jr. Featured in Unique New PokerStars Games; Women’s Sunday Sees Start Time Shift 

PokerStars has unveiled new unique Neymar Jr. Kick-Off games with a football theme and buy-ins starting at $1.

Capitalizing on its recent partnership with football star Neymar Jr., PokerStars is offering poker players a chance to mix their loves of both games. The new exclusive Neymar Jr. Kick-Off game features rich graphics and buy-ins starting at just $1.

The games are open to players of all levels to take a shot at big cash prizes with up to $50,000 up for grabs. Whether a player is more of an attacker or plays a bit defensive, these competitions offer something new on the platform.

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How to play Neymar Jr. Kick-Off events at PokerStars

The Neymar Jr. events feature different football-inspired gameplay. Players start each match by buying in from $1 to $25 and finish each game by scoring a goal. The higher the buy-in, the closer to the goal a player starts.

As the game begins, players at the same buy-in level compete in “sprints.” These are four-person progressive knockout Sit & Go tournaments that last about five minutes.

When someone is eliminated, their value is split two ways. A percentage is added to the winner’s value and a percentage is awarded as cash directly to his or her wallet. This cash prize can be multiplied as well, meaning players could win more than $50,000 at higher stakes.

As players knock each other out, their own bounty values increase. They then move to the next sprint, where they are matched with players of similar bounty values.

When a player wins a sprint, they can jump right into the next one or save it for later. Every completed sprint gets players closer to the finish line, where they can be crowned one of many Kick-Off champions.

Any player winning a sprint and earning $50 or more scores a goal and wins their own bounty value. They also score all the additional bounties accumulated during the completed sprints.

Neymar Jr. Kick-Offs have already launched on the .NET platform. The games will roll out across additional markets throughout November.

Women’s Sunday starting time moved one hour 

Players who enjoy PokerStars’ weekly Women’s Sunday tournament will now notice the event running just a bit earlier. The new time, at 13:40 (ET), is meant to help more players get involved and will be reviewed via player feedback.

Late registration is still available for 90 minutes. A number of satellites starting at just $0.22 will also continue from Thursday to Sunday.  

“We’ve been doing a lot of work over the past year to enhance our Women’s Sunday and engage our female community in a way that rewards and entertains best but also works alongside their other priorities,” PokerStars associate director of consumer engagement and public relations Rebecca McAdam Willetts said in a news release.

Stars tested the buy-in at the lower price of $22 earlier this year. That received a positive response among players and saw increased attendance with the lower buy-in now in use.

“We’ve now also decided to amend the time of the event to see if it works better for our players,” Willetts said. “As always, we’d like to hear feedback on this and many other topics and would encourage women in our community to sign up to our insights community ‘Our Voices’ so we can continue to improve and offer the best experience possible.”

Since March, PokerStars has added extra value to one event a month for Women’s Sunday players. That has included tickets for events like SCOOP, WCOOP, and the Bounty Builder Series.

PokerStars has also worked to engage female players by shining a light on women in poker and the industry. Those efforts have ranged from unique content to special giveaways.

The company has also enhanced events and promotions to ensure better engagement and inclusion.

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Promotions Rev Up At Partypoker With New F1 Documentary, Cash Game Boosted Hours Continue

Partypoker continues connecting with F1 fans via its McLaren Racing mini documentaries. The site also recently unveiled the Boosted Hours promo.

Partypoker continues connecting with Formula 1 fans via the release of the site’s McLaren Racing mini documentaries. In the latest See the Unseen episode, viewers get some insight into McLaren Racing with CEO Zak Brown (pictured).

The company has become a partner with the F1 team and has been parlaying that into promotion opportunities. That has extended to responsible gaming initiatives, tournaments, contests, and the video series.

In the exclusive interview, Brown explains how he has been a fan of McLaren since 1988. He recalls watching drivers like Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost racing for the team.

Partypoker viewers and fans can learn how Brown’s passion for racing drives him in his current role with the team

“I’m enthusiastic about McLaren and going racing,” he says. “I’m definitely a commercially-minded racer as opposed to a technical guy, so I’m probably a bit different to other team bosses in that sense. I try not to meddle, but I’m very engaged. I want to know what’s going on.”

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More McLaren insight from partypoker

Brown, a former professional driver, has run the team since 2018. He recently oversaw McLaren’s first 1-2 finish in more than a decade at this year’s Italian Grand Prix.

In the partypoker documentary, the CEO also discusses how he tries to remain ahead of the competition. That includes plenty of java.

“I’m probably … 10 coffees a day,” he says. “You never quite know what the opposition’s going to do, but you can’t control what the competition does. We’re developing next year’s car now and we really won’t know how competitive it is until we see what everyone else has done.”

Partypoker’s first short documentary “See the Unseen” featured McLaren Racing F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. (photos courtesy partypoker)

Viewers will also learn:

  • Brown’s favorite place at the McLaren Technology Centre
  • how he gets on with other F1 team bosses
  • his most enjoyable part of a race
  • how well he understands the engineering of the cars

The episode is available on the partypoker McLaren Access Hub. The site allows players to gain access to the inside track of Formula 1 and McLaren.

The Brown video follows the opening episode with McLaren F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. More interviews are in the works with the pit crew and engineers.

There are also still plenty of opportunities for players to win McLaren-themed prizes by playing on the site. This includes special freerolls held on certain Sundays alongside Formula 1 races with $1,000 up for grabs.

Boosted Hours brings players extra cashback

This week offers partypoker players the chance to earn even more cashback points on fastforward and cash games. The Boosted Hours promotion has been expanded and is now running up to 12 times a day.

By playing fastforward or cash games during Boosted Hours, players can have their cashback points automatically doubled through Oct. 31. All Hold’em and Omaha play on fastforward and cash games can be rewarded. Boosted Hours run every other hour between 1 am and 11 pm (BST).

“Boosted cashback hours on cash games and fastforward is a great promotion in my opinion, and this is the best version yet, with 12 hours per day offering double cashback points,” Team partypoker’s Joni Jouhkimainen said in a news release.

“If you haven’t already, you’d be crazy not to jump in and take advantage of this.”

Players will see their points updated shortly after each boosted hour. Players earn two cashback points for every $1 of rake they generate, as opposed to one point during regular hours.

Those earning at least 25 points in a week receive their cashback the following Monday. There is no limit to how much cashback a player can earn.

Players can also reach the Diamond Club if they manage to regularly hit the 40% cashback threshold. Once players hit the required rake target of $100,000, their cashback will be topped up to 50%.

There are even more prizes if players qualify for the Diamond Club Elite, which brings 60% cashback. This status also includes packages to major live and online poker festivals, such as the MILLIONS Online in December.

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McLaren F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Stars In New Partypoker Video Series ‘See the Unseen’

Partypoker continues building on its relationship with F1's McLaren Racing team with driver Daniel Ricciardo starring in a new video series.

Partypoker continues building on the company’s relationship with Formula 1’s McLaren Racing team. Team driver Daniel Ricciardo is part of the site’s new See the Unseen video series.

The production gives fans and partypoker players an inside look at some of the key figures on the Formula 1 team. In the short documentary, Ricciardo offers insight into what it’s really like being on the McLaren team. 

“Through the partypoker McLaren Access Hub, partypoker and PartyCasino players can gain access to the inside track and discover the hidden world of Formula 1 and McLaren,” party brands and Entain commercial director Paris Anatolitis said. “Our goal at Entain is to provide our customers with the very best in digital entertainment, and this fascinating series of films is a great example of what’s to come.”

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Adding more F1 entertainment options

The new series comes after partypoker parent company Entain became a partner with the racing team in May. In recent months, the companies have teamed up on responsible gaming initiatives.

Partypoker also offered players several contests giving players the chance to win complete F1 racing packages.  The moves come as party focuses more efforts at entertaining players beyond the poker tables.

The partnership also allows the site to reach racing fans who may be interested in poker as well See the Unseen is now the latest effort at synergy. Ricciardo has performed well recently, winning the Italian Grand Prix in September for the eighth Grand Prix win of his career.

Lando Norris also finished second, securing the first one-two finishes for McLaren F1 in over a decade. In the video series, Ricciardo talks through his approach to races including:

  • how he adjusts car settings
  • how he handles radio communication with his team
  • whether he has any race day superstitions
  • the music he likes to listen to before a race

“I love music, so I will always be listening to music,” he says. “It’s also a good way to switch off the noise and all the hustle and bustle from the grid. That’s the time to just zone in on the race. It has to be something that makes me feel loose and ready to go. Hip hop is a bit of a go-to, because there’s a beat.”

Partypoker’s newest short documentary “See the Unseen” features McLaren Racing F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. (photo courtesy partypoker)

Partypoker gets inside the mind of a driver

Beyond pre-race routines, Ricciardo gives racing fans a look at how an F1 team functions. The Australian also reveals some interesting facts about his own understanding of the mechanics of a Formula 1 car.

“My job is to drive, and that’s it,” he says. “I just put all my energy into that. My friends give me a hard time, because they know if we’re on the highway and our car breaks down, they’ve got a better chance of fixing the car than I do.”    

The episode is available to view in full on the partypoker McLaren Access Hub. More episodes of the series are coming soon featuring McLaren Racing from CEO Zak Brown, the pit crew, and engineers.

F1 contests continue

Partypoker continues offering players some unique F1 experiences. The recent McLaren Superfan competition saw the United Kingdom’s Ross Cartwright win an exclusive trip to the Italian Grand Prix. 

Players now have another chance to win through McLaren Card Rush. The winner is awarded a package to the 2022 F1 Emirates Grand Prix De France in Le Castellet as well as $5,000 for travel expenses.

Players earn prize drawing tickets by playing regular cash and fastforward games to earn points. Earning a McLaren Mile earns a player one entry.

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PokerStars Unveils New Rewards Program With More Ways to Win, Better Transparency

Some big changes are coming to the PokerStars Rewards program with the goal of appealing to more players and offering more transparency.

Some big changes are coming to the PokerStars Rewards program. The site announced some major improvements recently with the goal of appealing to more players.

PokerStars officials say the new program incorporates player feedback and insight, offering more value and opportunities to win. The program is now available to players on selected licenses.

“This autumn we are celebrating 20 years of our PokerStars community, and we’re happy to kickstart the next chapter with our new and improved PokerStars Rewards program,” PokerStars managing director Severin Rasset said on Friday. “Listening to community feedback, we know our players want more rewards, more ways to earn rewards, more transparency, and simplicity.

“Our recent trial program was not only very positively received – overall we saw a 78% jump in satisfaction scores for the players participating, but it also gave us more ideas about how to make it even better. Working directly with our community has been hugely energizing for us and we’re happy that the new rewards program launching today has truly been built by our players for the players.”


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Some specifics on the new PokerStars program

The relaunch of PokerStars Rewards follows a three-month trial. That included player feedback from players selected randomly to be part of the program.

These online poker players’ input was incorporated into the new program, the company noted. Stars has received some criticism in the past regarding changes in the program.

The site now appears to be addressing some of that by revamping the system overall to appeal to players. Here’s a look at few aspects of the plan:

  • Players can earn up to 65% in rewards. That’s made up of 25% in rewards for players in the core program. Those who qualify for Monthly Challenges can earn up to 40% more.
  • The program now rewards players for all their play across all poker games – from tournaments to cash games. High stakes cash game and tournament players also earn rewards.
  • Players are also rewarded for their real money activity across all products. That means players earn for online poker, sportsbook, and casino play. Personalized rewards based on a player’s interests and types of games played will also continue.

PokerStars promises more transparency

Making the entire program more easy to understand looks to be a major goal at Stars. The company promises transparency, allowing players to know exactly where they are in the program.

Players will know what their targets are and what could be earned by reaching them. PokerStars also promises:

  • Levels are clearly visible with a progress bar showing how many more chests remain to move to the next level.
  • Six chest levels with each level delivering a chest with a fixed value. The chests include : blue, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and black (lowest to highest).

The new program is available for players on the .BG, .COM, .CZ, .EE, .ES, .EU, .FR, .PT, .RO, .SH, and .UK platforms. Also, due to local regulation, Monthly Challenges are not available to players in the Czech Republic or Greece.

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Partypoker Promotion Winners Cash In; Player Turns Penny Into $13K, Another Snags F1 Package

The partypoker dream of turning a micro buy-in into a big score came true recently in the $5,300 WPT World Online Championships Main Event. Thousands of players took part in centroll satellites to earn a seat in the championship event.

Nikolay Gorbunov was one of those and scored big after advancing through each qualifying level. He turned a single penny into a Main Event seat and then went on to finish 99th for $13,027.

“Partypoker’s centrolls are a great way to play poker as a beginner,” he told the partypoker blog. “I play them all the time, in addition to other freerolls and satellites from $0.55. I’ve played them for about two years as a way to try and build my bankroll.”

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Earning a partypoker WPT seat for a single cent

Nikolay Gorbunov

Earning a WPT entry for a penny certainly isn’t easy, but Gorbunov shows that it is possible. A player must advance through several qualifying levels.

However, things moved quickly for Gorbunov. His entire run took place in a single day and he was right in the Main Event. The quick turnaround removed some of the stress of being in such a major event however.

“The first day was great in terms of emotions,” he says. “I stacked Benjamin Rolle with Aces in the blinds – he caught top pair on the flop. Day 1A saw my stack become very short because I simply wanted to get into the prizes, and I played very tight because the pressure to cash was great.”

Gorbunov advanced to Day 2, but his run came to an end. Down to 11 big blinds, he moved all in with Ace-Jack but was called by a player with a dominating Ace-King. While disappointed to bow out, Gorbunov was thrilled with the result.

“I have already bought myself a car from the prize money, although it is rather inexpensive and not new,” he says. “I will probably play slightly higher stakes, increasing my average buy-in to $5.”

Formula 1 superfan wins massive racing package for Italian Grand Prix

Another player also recently scored in a unique partypoker promotion. Parent company Entain announced a sponsorship deal with Formula 1’s McLaren Racing earlier this year.

Partypoker F1 winner Ross Cartright and fiancee Jordan at the track.

That has meant some opportunities for the company’s online poker players to win some exclusive trackside prizes. Ross Cartwright was one of the first winners when his name was drawn. He scored $5,000 and a VIP trip for two to the famous Italian Grand Prix at Monza.

Cartwright loves F1 and is a McLaren fan as well, making him a great fit for the prize. He and his fiancee Jordan head to England’s Silverstone race track every year, camping throughout the week and watching the British Grand Prix.

“I started watching F1 in the late ‘80s,” he said. “My dad used to watch the races on Sunday, and he’d sometimes let me get up early to watch the flyaway races in Japan and Australia.

“I was instantly hooked by the Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost battles. Then I was a big follower of Nigel Mansell and then Damon Hill. I used to love it when the underdog teams won the race, such as Jordan at Spa.”

The pair were treated to numerous special events, excellent meals, and great seats for the race. They also met racing legends and the McLaren team including CEO Zak Brown.

“Overall, it was the dream experience,” Cartwright said. “Due to COVID, I didn’t expect to be able to be so close to the drivers or actually meet them.

“In the end, we did so much more. Hats off to McLaren, who really do look after their fans, especially us. We experienced and saw so much that it was hard to keep up at times. It was definitely a dream come true.”

Grand Prix underway at partypoker

The racing vibes continue this month at partypoker. The Grand Prix KO Series runs Sept. 19 – Oct. 4 with 16 progressive knockout events.

Buy-ins for the series range from $5.50 to $530. Players will find a two-day $109 Main Event beginning on Sept. 26. That event comes with a $500,000 guarantee and partypoker once again is offering centroll qualifiers.

Perhaps another player will make a deep run as Gorbunov did in the WPT World Online Championships. For a complete look at the Grand Prix, click here.

* Photos courtesy partypoker

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Partypoker Waves Green Flag on Contests Awarding VIP Formula 1 Experiences

Partypoker is currently running two contests for players to win Formula 1 VIP experiences with McLaren Racing.

After announcing a Formula 1 partnership in May, partypoker is now offering a chance for players to get in the action. The site is currently running two contests for players to win VIP experiences with McLaren Racing.

Party’s parent company, Entain, serves as a sponsor and that partnership is now benefitting players.

“I love to see this partnership, with partypoker and McLaren giving players the opportunity to win an incredible F1 experience,” Team partypoker’s Carl Froch said in a news release.

“It’s easy to earn McLaren Miles and be in with a shot at the prize draw, and there are some great cash prizes in the leaderboard too. Good luck to all players.”

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Partypoker French Grand Prix package up for grabs

The first contest runs Aug. 23 to Sept. 19. Players have the opportunity to win a VIP F1 experience at next year’s French Grand Prix.

The McLaren F1 Card Rush offers the chance to win prizes every day. Players can unlock up to five click cards per day by playing regular cash and fastforward games.

Players earn 0.1 points for every $0.10 in rake they generate. Earning only 0.4 points gives players their first daily click card.

Then head to the “promotions” section to see what’s behind the click card. Cash prizes range from $0.50 to $1,000. McLaren Miles can also be awarded in each click card.

Those receiving McLaren Miles receive one prize drawing ticket. The ultimate winner earns a prize package to the F1 Emirates Grand Prix De France in 2022. The package includes:

  • two VIP hospitality tickets
  • $5,000 for travel, accommodation and expenses

The more tickets a player wins, the better the chance of scoring the F1 experience. The drawing will be broadcast on partypoker’s Instagram live feed after the promotion period finishes.

The date of the drawing hasn’t been released yet, but should be available soon on partypoker’s social media channels. There will also be extra leaderboard cash prizes allowing players to win a McLaren Mile.

As someone accumulates more McLaren Miles, that player also climbs the standings. The leaderboard pays out a top cash prize of $1,000.

There are many opportunities to win cash prizes from the leaderboard. The top 1,000 finishers take home some cash.

Win a trip to the Italian Grand Prix

Partypoker is also offering players a chance to win even more. The site is giving players an opportunity to score a full McLaren F1 experience at this year’s Italian Grand Prix.

As part of the contest, players listen to a short audio clip from McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo. Contestants then must determine which track he’s describing in the clip. Here’s a look at what players can win:

  • 1st – A full McLaren racing experience at Italy’s Monza Grand Prix for one lucky winner and a friend. The prize includes a meet and greet with Ricciardo and $5,000 in spending money.
  • 2nd – Four winners score a pair of grandstand tickets at the Monza Grand Prix.
  • 3rd – Prize winners take home an official McLaren cap.

Partypoker is making big efforts to make the most of the McLaren partnership. Look for more cross-branding and promotions in the future.

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Partypoker Roundup: Community Knockout Returns; WPT Coming Soon; Magic Cards Pay Off

The partypoker Community Knockout returns to the platform on Thursday. PokerScout takes a look at that and some other news.

The partypoker Community Knockout launched in July and now returns to the platform on Thursday. The event finds online communities going head to head with famous faces will be carrying special bounties on their heads. 

In other partypoker news, qualifiers have begun for the WPT Championship, which hits the platform soon. One player also recently found a nice score via the Magic Cards promotion.

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Special prizes awarded for Community Knockout

The Community Knockout is a $5.50 monthly progressive knockout tournament available for all players. The tournament includes players from 11 online communities.

Each group selects one special player, who carries a $50 bounty in the event. Additionally, if that player is eliminated by a player from the same community, the winner also claims an exclusive prize including:

  • Xbox Series S
  • Playstation 5
  • Gaming laptop
  • $500 in cash
  • $500 to spend on tournaments
  • £500 tech bundle

World Darts Championship winner and former rugby player Gerwyn Price will represent the Poker Page community forum in the event. EastEnders actor Shaun Williamson will also represent the FootyAccums betting community.

Four-time super-middleweight boxing champion and Team partypoker member Carl Froch will also participate again on behalf of the site. 

“I’m looking forward to getting in the mix for the partypoker Community Knockout tournament again, this time with a $20,000 prize pool,” Froch said in a news release. “There’s $500 in tournament dollars up for grabs for knocking me out and lots of other great prizes if you are part of the communities, so come and have a go.”

How to win a prize

Any player can enter the event, but must sign up with any of the 11 communities to win prizes. Those can only be claimed on social media by:

  • taking a screenshot of their winning hand
  • share the hand with their community on social media
  • tagging partypoker

In addition to the bounty prizes, the minimum guarantee in the tournament has been given a significant boost. That goes from $5,000 to $20,000 for the same buy-in.

The tournament will be streamed from start to finish on partypokerTV — the platform’s Twitch channel. Artem Kharitohov won last month’s Community Knockout. The Russia-based player topped a field of 1,726 entries to win $1,209.

Qualifiers underway for WPT Championship

The World Poker Tour World Online Championships are set for Aug. 13 to Sept. 15 at partypoker. The series includes a $5,300 Main Event featuring a $5 million guarantee.

Party is now offering phased satellites for the event, with buy-ins starting as low as only $0.01. These centrolls award at least 15 tickets to Phase 1, each worth $4.40.

Those $4.40 Phase 1 satellites pay out $22 tickets into the next available Phase 2. More information on the WPT World Online Championships will be released soon.

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Magic Cards pave way for new laptop for Ukrainian player

Partypoker recently launched the Magic Cards promotion and that paid some nice dividends for one player recently. Thousands of players have won free prizes daily since the promotion’s debut.

Ukrainian player “freddy2019” scored a nice jackpot recently for $1,000. He’s been playing poker recreationally for about four years, mostly multi-table tournaments and satellites in the $3-$5 range. Freddy had already won some Magic Cards cash prizes before locking up the big prize.

“It was an ordinary evening,” he says. “After my main job, I played some hands of NL25 to quickly generate five cashback points to open all the available Magic Cards. I’d been opening the cards since the very beginning of the promotion. On the first day of Magic Cards, I won $10, $20, and $50 cards in a row.

“I opened my cards and planned on using my five or ten free spins, place a couple of sports bets, and go to bed. But on the third card, I saw the figure looked big. I looked closer and counted the zeros. I couldn’t believe that there was $1,000 there.”

The online grinder quickly purchased something to aid in his favorite hobby.

“I bought myself a gaming laptop so now it’s more pleasant to play online poker,” he said, “and I can play The Witcher when poker is not going my way.”

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Splash Party Celebrates Three Months of Freerolls at 888poker

The Freeroll Splash Party launches on June 23 at 888poker and offers players plenty of chances at free cash with $1 million up for grabs.

888poker has been rolling out plenty of promotions for online poker players over the last few months. Once again the site is now offering plenty of cash via a freeroll-palooza.

The site’s Freeroll Splash Party launches on June 23 and runs through Sept. 27. The promotion features freerolls every day of the week.

Players will find more than $1 million in prizes including a massive $500,000 freeroll.

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Numerous 888poker freerolls planned

Players will find several free daily and weekly events to cash in on. The $1,000 Jacks Speedslide Freeroll runs three times daily Monday through Saturday.

Even more events await those looking to play for some free cash. The $3,000 Queens Aqualoop Freeroll also runs three times every Sunday.

The final tournament highlights the series – the $500,000 Kings Kamikaze Freeroll. That event is set for Sept. 23-27 and promises a huge prize pool without a buy-in.

How to score some tournament tickets

888 is offering several ways for players to get in the game. Simply complete these daily missions to receive a daily Jacks Speedslide Freeroll ticket:

  • Tournament Splash Pool – Play poker tournaments, including BLAST sit & go’s, with buy-ins totaling at least $5.
  • Infl8ables Pool – Players need simply win a cash game hand, including SNAP tables, with 8 as one of a player’s hole cards.
  • Casino and Sport Wave Pool – Place bets totaling at least $5 on any casino games or sports events.

Players can complete this challenge up to three times a day to receive up to three tournament tickets.

Play more for more opportunities

Those who play even more can earn tickets beyond the Speedslide freerolls. Complete five missions or more in one week (Monday – Sunday) to earn three tickets to the weekly Queens Aqualoop Freeroll.

Complete 25 missions or more throughout the entire promotion to earn a Kings Kamikaze ticket. Those who win more than one ticket, can use them for the several Kamikaze starting flights available.

888 notes a few stipulations for the promotion. Tournament rebuys aren’t considered as part of the challenge. There are minimum odds of 1.5 in sports betting challenges.

The site promises even more throughout the series. Players should look for pop-up offers like doubling the prize pools, loyalty offers, and more.

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More Cashback Coming to Partypoker Players With Boosted Promotions, Increased Prizes

Partypoker is offering online poker players even more reason to hit the cash game tables with new cashback and Magic Card boosts.

Partypoker is offering online poker players even more reason to hit the cash game tables. The company unveiled new cashback and Magic Cards boosts this week, meaning more bang for the buck for players.

Cash and fastforward games are now offering 10% extra cashback. The Magic Card promotion also receives a significant boost to the prizes awarded. Both promotions start next week.

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Partypoker makes it easier to earn cash back

To qualify for the cashback promotion, all players have to do is earn 0.1 cashback points or more in a single ay. This can be on any game type and the promotion begins June 21.

Partypoker will then return an extra 10% cashback on all cash game and fastforward rake. This means thousands of players now have a chance to earn cashback every day. Players earn 1 point for every $1 in rake they generate and 0.1 points for every $0.10.

This promotion adds a boost to a previous cashback promotion. Previously, players needed to generate 600 points in a week to qualify.

That’s now been reduced at just 0.1 points a day. The 10% boost is also paid daily now, not just at the end of the week. 

Players can win more with Magic Cards

Partypoker is also adding new and improved prizes to the Magic Cards promotion. The company is giving players more chances to win with the maximum cash prize rising from $500 to $1,000.

Magic Cards allow players to go on a poker journey to earn a daily pick. Players use daily picks to choose one of four cards. These can reveal an instant prize including

  • cash
  • tournament tickets
  • bonuses
  • freeroll tickets

The promotion begins June 22, allowing cash game and fastforward players to earn up to five picks daily. Players gain an extra pick for every cashback point they earn from those games.

There will also now be additional Magic Cards prizes. With the Euro and Copa America football tournaments in full swing, players can also win free bets.

These wagers can be placed on any event with partypoker Sports. To claim the picks, players can head to the offers section and choose a card.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer all of our players the opportunity to earn cashback, and to earn it daily for the period of the Boosted Cashback promotion,” partypoker associate director of marketing Liam Casey said in a news release.

“With Euro 2020, Copa America, NBA playoffs, and of course Wimbledon taking place over the next few weeks, our Magic Cards promotion is going to give away thousands of free sports bets. It’s a fun time to play on partypoker.”

Plans for Hot Tables to be ramped up

Partypoker also recently introduced the Hot Tables promotion. That feature will go dark beginning June 22.

The pause allows for some changes to the promotion following some player feedback, the company notes. That is expected to result in more players at the table being paid prizes. More details are expected to be announced soon.

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Partypoker Teams With McLaren Formula 1 Racing; O’Dwyer Wins WPT Online Series High Roller

Partypoker's parent company Entain announced a deal earlier this week with McLaren Racing that starts this Sunday at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Players at partypoker may soon be seeing the site’s logo as part of the Formula 1 auto racing circuit. Party’s parent company, Entain, announced a deal earlier this week with McLaren Racing that starts this year.

The multi-year deal will feature the partypoker and PartyCasino brands and officially begins Sunday at the Monaco Grand Prix.

“We are immensely proud to be partnering with McLaren Racing, a team who are synonymous with creating thrilling entertainment by constantly innovating and staying at the cutting-edge of technology,” Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen said in a news release.

“This is the same approach we take in providing moments of excitement for our customers and we are truly excited about the opportunities we have to create new content for our PartyCasino and partypoker customers as well as bringing these great brands to new audiences.”

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A look at the Formula 1/partypoker deal

Company branding will appear on the halos of McLaren MCL35M race cars as well as driver Daniel Ricciardo’s helmet.

The Australian has been driving in Formula 1 since 2011 and currently sits seventh in the circuit’s standings. The agreement goes beyond the racetrack as well.


Entain will offer player and racing fans a range of dedicated content and exclusive experiences. A new activation platform called “Access” will feature:

  • McLaren themed casino content access all games on PartyCasino and partypoker.
  • Competitions to win access to the McLaren Technology Centre, McLaren’s headquarters in Surrey, England
  • Shared promotions throughout the companies’ social media channels.
  • Jointly-developed marketing content.
A look at the PartyCasino branding appearing on the McLaren car at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Additionally, Entain will use the partnership to explore strategies to promote safer betting and gaming. Party hopes to benefit “from the team’s unique perspective on maintaining control and managing risk.”

“Fan entertainment is a major focus for our team and sport,” McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said. “Like McLaren Racing, Entain brands such as PartyCasino and partypoker place a high importance in providing moments of safe and responsible excitement for their customers.

“We look forward to starting our partnership with Entain from this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix and the activity we have planned together in creating moments of excitement for fans and customers.”

WPT series rolls on at partypoker

On the poker felt, the WPT Online Series is currently underway on partypoker’s international platform. The festival runs through June 2 and offers players a chance to add their name to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.

The series got off to a good start on May 14 with the $33 Pro Hunt featuring team partypoker players and special guests. The event promised a $30,000 guarantee and attracted 1,788 players for a $53,640 top prize.

Players busting any pros or guests earned a mystery prize ranging from a $33 ticket to a $320 Mini Main Event seat.

Brazil’s Douglas Souza took home a $3,200 seat to the $3 million guaranteed WPT Online Series Main Event. He was streaming his play on PokerStars’ Brazilian Twitch channel when he won the event.

In other news, one of the winningest players in poker also scored a title early in the series. Steve O’Dwyer took down the $5,200 WPT High Roller Turbo on May 18.

Based in the Netherlands, O’Dwyer was one of 50 players buying into the event for a $250,000 prize pool. He topped Finland’s Samuel Vousden in heads-up play for the $80,891 top prize. Vousden took $49,736 for runner-up.

Here’s a look at the events remaining in the series.

2021 partypoker WPT Online Series

DateEventTournamentFormatBuy-InGuaranteeFeeDayTournament length
May 28#34Warm Up8-Max PKO$1,000$500,000$50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO$100$250,000$9Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO$10$50,000$1Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 28#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1E[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 28#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1E[3-Day Event]
May 28#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1E[3-Day Event]
May 287-Max Turbo Knockout7-Max, PKO$200$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]
May 29#34Warm Up8-Max PKO$1,000-$50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO$100-$9Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO$10-$1Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 29#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1F[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 29#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1F[3-Day Event]
May 29#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1F[3-Day Event]
May 29Mix-Max TurboMix-Max$300$30,000$20-[1-Day Event]
May 30#34Warm Up7-Max PKO$1,000-$50Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#34Mini Warm Up7-Max PKO$100-$9Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#34Micro Warm Up7-Max PKO$10-$1Day 1C[2-Day Event]
May 30#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1G[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 30#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1G[3-Day Event]
May 30#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1G[3-Day Event]
May 30#35The Big Game8-Max$500$300,000$30-[1-Day Event]
May 30#35The Mini Big Game8-Max$50$150,000$5-[1-Day Event]
May 30#34Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#34Mini Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#34Micro Warm Up8-Max PKO---Final Day-
May 30#20Main Event8-Max$3,000-$200Day 1B[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
May 30#367-Max7-Max PKO$1,500$500,000$75Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO$150$200,000$12Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO$15$50,000$1.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$1,500$250,000$75Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$150$50,000$12Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$15$20,000$1.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 30#38High Roller7-Max$10,000$1,000,000$300Day 1[2-Day Event]
May 30#24WPT5008-Max$500-$30Day 1H[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 30#25Super508-Max$50-$5Day 1H[3-Day Event]
May 30#26Super58-Max$5-$0.50Day 1H[3-Day Event]
May 30High Roller Turbo7-Max$5,000$250,000$200-[1-Day Event]
May 306-Max Hyper Knockout6-Max PKO$300$40,000$20-[1-Day Event]
May 31#24WPT5006-Max$500-$30Day 1 Turbo[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 31#25Super506-Max$50-$5Day 1 Turbo[3-Day Event]
May 31#26Super56-Max$5-$0.50Day 1 Turbo[3-Day Event]
May 31#20Main Event8-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
May 31#367-Max7-Max PKO$1,500-$75Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO$150-$12Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO$15-$1.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Closer6-Max PKO$300$200,000$20Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO$30$50,000$3Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO$5$15,000$0.50Day 1A[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$1,500-$75Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$150-$12Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO$15-$1.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
May 31#24WPT5008-Max---Day 2[2-Day Event + FT Tuesday]
May 31#25Super508-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event]
May 31#26Super58-Max---Day 2[3-Day Event]
May 317-Max7-Max$500$50,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#20Main Event8-Max---Day 3[3-Day Event + FT Wednesday]
June 1#367-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#36Mini 7-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#36Micro 7-Max7-Max PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Mini Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#37Micro Omaha Hi-Lo6-Max Hi-Lo PKO---Day 2[2-Day Event]
June 1#408-Max8-Max$500$150,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#40Mini 8-Max8-Max$50$50,000$5-[1-Day Event]
June 1#40Micro 8-Max8-Max$5$10,000$0.50-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Omaha High Roller6-Max PLO$5,000$200,000$200-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Mini Omaha Knockout6-Max PLO$500$50,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 1#41Micro Omaha Knockout6-Max PLO$50$10,000$5.00-[1-Day Event]
June 1#42Super High Roller7-Max$25,000$1,000,000$500Day 1[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Closer6-Max PKO$300-$20Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO$30-$3Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO$5-$0.50Day 1B[2-Day Event]
June 1#24WPT5008-Max---Final Table-
June 1#25Super508-Max---Final Day-
June 1#26Super58-Max---Final Day-
June 1High Roller Turbo7-Max$5,000$250,000$200-[1-Day Event]
June 1Mix-Max Turbo KnockoutMix-Max PKO$200$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]
June 2#20Main Event8-Max---Final Table-
June 2#39Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#39Mini Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#39Micro Closer6-Max PKO---Final Day-
June 2#43Turbo Finale6-Max$500$75,000$30-[1-Day Event]
June 2#43Mini Turbo Finale6-Max$50$25,000$5-[1-Day Event]
June 2#43Micro Turbo Finale6-Max$5$10,000$0.50-[1-Day Event]
June 2Hyper Finale7-Max PKO$250$30,000$15-[1-Day Event]

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